Heavy rains triggered flooding in sichuan 7 individuals lifeless and missing

Xinhuanet Beijing July 7-reporters away from your ministry of 7, relief institution come to understand that, contemplating that July 1, components of sichuan flood disasters from, has brought on 7 individuals dead, 8 individuals are missing.

In sichuan flood catastrophe mitigation, country appoint, the ministry of civil affairs 7, country wide emergency start emergency response to catastrophe relief, sent 4 working celebration in the direction of catastrophe areas, look at the catastrophe relief work, help to do.

According in the direction of ministry of civil management workplace of sichuan province to distribute the information, the catastrophe on July 7,, 7 when statistics, disasters brought on SuiNing, yibin, deyang, aba, ba zhong, 14 metropolitan areas (state) 64 counties (area, city) impacted 2.174 million people, 7 individuals lifeless and eight missing and 156000 emergency to relocate; The crops the impacted place of 179600 hectares, which include JueShou 16600 hectares; The collapse of real estate 8333 rooms, the broken 19600 houses.

Beijing law enforcement have busted trans-provincial QQ hack sequence scams 21 suspect caught

July 7-people net Beijing Beijing law enforcement 7 th bulletin, a brilliant offer much more than fifty times quickly after the cautious investigation, each and every and every uncovered "4.01" sequence QQ hack on collection fraud, reduce throughout the province of the crime sequence QQ hack, captured involving system scams ring suspects of 21, preliminary investigation to confirm the a brilliant offer much more than 90.

April 1, 2011, the company hold report said: Lord March 30 day time morning, its research in another country cousin by method of QQ make contact with phone, purse, says lost, condition remittance. The afternoon, people belonging for that commercial bank inside the net trades by method of way, has 4 occasions to "cousin" designated commercial bank account to some complete of 17000 yuan RMB, quickly after verification found quickly after getting lied to. Then, Beijing law enforcement been given this type of report for this, the municipal online community safety bureau, a brilliant offer more thing to consider swiftly transferred capable force team start investigation, founded on April 12,, in chaoyang area agricultural commercial bank can be somebody accountable for occupation in Beijing lots of consumer banking organizations available an account belonging for that criminal suspect CaoMou involved (female, twenty many years old, chengde city, hebei province) and wang mou (male, 23 many years old, muddy source county of Shanxi Province) a few of individuals arrested.

According for that DaoAn criminal suspects, the evaluation team for that whole city this type of circumstance in time series, and slowly master criminal gangs involved through the actions belonging for that track, successively in fengtai district, city, which consist of risk-free havens in haidian area in Beijing can be the actions belonging for that commercial bank card and available card individuals "the last" a complete of twelve recognize crime gang people catch QiHuo Monday, collectively with a brilliant offer much more than 40000 yuan collectively with a massive amount of income by commercial bank card, phone CARDS, crime, and several other people ZangZheng content.

Upon even more investigation found the circumstance involving the countrywide team, DuoGe provinces and cities. Victory for expansion team into DuoGe operating group, separately went to hebei, guangxi, guangdong, hunan in-depth investigation and proof collection, successively will crime gang people sunlight mou (male, 29, cangzhou city, hebei province, which consist of people) 7 suspects arrested.

At present, 21 suspects to QQ hack system scams crime fact confessed, all come going to be criminal detention, circumstance is even more examination.

The law enforcement to remind the huge majority of internet customers to: the criminal suspect primarily in purchase of residing in another country personnel since the goal, ordinarily find the listed tackle exhibits for overseas QQ, steal, hack, quickly after the accomplishment it producing utilization of QQ with all sorts of end result in lie to them through the domestic of relatives and pals the remittance. internet customers inside the internet to strengthen the perception of self-protection, is not certainly seeing real; Do not accept very easily weird people, don't available the a brilliant offer more pals of emails from or document, will require to by method of the antivirus, judgment and filtering software program source way; In QQ chat specifically film chat, the moment in time pals pointed out the phone for for income and subjects as when, need to alert, DuoFang quickly after verified to provide help.


Inner Mongolia a personal college 63 college students pile up away from school. Be cheat collective state

Widely nets Beijing on July 5, information (reporter JinJian army) according toward the appear of China the epicenter broad information "report, college students come throughout no type may, not getting the classroom may nicely be used, even in type by" away from "the classroom. inside Mongolia a exclusive college 63 college students fall away from school. Be cheat collective state

June 28, the law school, inside Mongolia previous due a college student posted a a post, informed they arrived to college almost a yr of come throughout from the recognition of the quantity of people, drew. Then the regional advertising recognition by inside Mongolia. college students contact for to advertising reflect "course much less and less, the instructor ShuiBuLai will not come, and have no repaired classroom, occasionally near to the lesson is forced out......."

According to recognize this batch of college students is 2010 many years for the next half from the semester, when admission has much much more than 120 college students in in succession, and later on the college student from school. They are, in fact, the law college of inside Mongolia may be the purpose of the ZhuXueBan oneself.

More than sixty college students supplied that then uncover the law school, the college of inside Mongolia, begging for claim. college officials promised am June 30, tuition refund. Will solve the problems before, good for college students fall out to refund, particular options will negotiate. And in the dean from the law college of inside Mongolia has repeatedly said, every one of the issues experienced an explanation, may be the classmates didn't listen to pure, or no understanding. from the college do not obtain a satisfactory answer, college students in the dropped out from the app type "to indication his name. for the method to fall out, have college students have no said: "if we are able to obtain a term of school, you hold on to go to school, no term is searching for just about any job."

To this sort of circumstance training division says once the province of joint ventures, contact for to record, and within of the province training of joint ventures are no record. The problems is, in the host organizations to assume. currently 63 signatures contact for the college students fall out in, most has returned to leave college tuition, only particular college students waiting for the arrangement from the school. on this also need to remind all from examinee, discreet option school.

Gansu disappeared from residence 75 Taiwan compatriots year-end round desire residence

A July 5, based on TaiBan information website, gansu province of gansu province recently, the 81-year-old XieYuZhen Taiwan compatriots in gansu province qingyang TaiBan optimistic help, disappeared from home in 75 many years afterwards inside the street for Taiwan, realized the wish using the panic.

XieYuZhen was born in keelung, Taiwan, was with her loved types to mainland China, are going to be the only settle of qingyang village of mainlanders to Taiwan. DuoNian qingyang village leaders whatsoever levels, and TaiBan to more mature individuals are worried about, on the normal foundation go to the more mature man he will require place to be energetic, worried about her well being condition, to post the condolatory gold and supplies, to solve concerns in her life. XieYuZhen more mature man left his hometown 6 many years more mature now, Taiwan in 75 do not panic, it has high, unbelievably missing loved ones, also to the Taiwan much extra and extra intense desire.

Qingyang village leaders know the situation, seriously, and TaiBan help more mature people understand the qualification panic long-cherished wish.

TaiBan qingyang village leaders requirements, in accordance using the optimistic work to solve the coordination, XieYuZhen for Taiwan this twelve weeks cost, on may properly 30, XieYuZhen more mature man succeeded sooner or afterwards go to for Taiwan, last twelve days, shortly after home 75 many years later, the 1st arranged foot inside the island, has realized with Taiwan family's dream.


Guangzhou home costs as well as the lowest contemplating that 10 weeks on common 11357 yuan/square metre

Yang cheng evening information reporter ZhaoYanHua report: guangzhou property or home industry turnover is warmed trend, home expenditures ongoing for getting "". The sun's hint the data shows, the margin of nets June in home expenditures fall to guangzhou this year: the month-to-month reduced (ten the place two city) expertise setting up residential standard 11357 yuan/square metre, not merely is this yr low, may be also the month-to-month home expenditures last September, the lowest since the industry regulation of expenditures for just about any month. 

House expenditures furthermore to the lowest because 10 weeks 

Data shows, June 1, to June 29,, the standard worth for just about any home 11357 yuan/square metre, annulus comparing sunk 5%. This could possibly be the two consecutive weeks to drop: may possibly the online community a residential standard 11968 yuan/square metre, annulus comparing April reducing 5.7%. home expenditures have previously been in June this yr the month-to-month because position, may be also because September, 10 consecutive weeks of property or home expenditures low. 

However, slipping home expenditures or suburban estate. The data shows, the downtown place in June 6 residential standard worth of 19708 yuan/square metre, annulus comparing rose 4.5%. Suburban place two online community a home 4 standard worth is 8039 yuan/square metre, annulus comparing fell 4.1%. 

Volume for two consecutive weeks to bounce back again 

Property expenditures reducing at identical time, property or home industry turnover for two consecutive weeks to bounce back. In June the residential clinch a offer the place of 817800 rectangular meters, annulus comparing edged 0.5% fit on for 6893 sets, clinch a deal, annulus comparing WeiJiang 1.1%. among the them, the guangzhou 10 place clinch a offer the place of 527700 rectangular meters, annulus comparing rose 5.1%. 

Also, guangzhou property or home industry turnover up the major power or from suburban estate. data shows, June suburban place two four, clinch a offer the place of 588500 rectangular meters, is up 8% month-on-month, accounting for just about any great offer greater than 71.7%; online community center clinch a offer 6 area place of 231300 rectangular meters, annulus comparing fell by 15.6%, accounting for just about any great offer greater than 28.3%. This exhibits that using the suburbs expenditures fell, grownup males and females start setting up an enormous market; But setting up downtown worth was not drop, quantity hold on to fall, major toward the online community of guangzhou in standard home expenditures experienced been down. The personage within program of review analysis, currently the panyu, huadu, zengcheng provide previously accounts for 70% from the complete provide toward the city, furthermore to the alter from the framework of provide toward the alter from the framework of business from the whole city, the standard worth from slipping additional hold out a really considerable role.

Beijing regional rainfall will exceed fifty mm

Today (1, 6) morning when 5 factors and 7 when 50, meteorological workplaces and has issued a warning signal and bad weather lightning yellow rainstorm warning signal, which consists of blue blue warning signal says: heavy bad weather clouds by influence, the previous two several hours south of nearby area using the village have arrived out much much more than twenty mm of heavy rainfall. much more compared to up coming twelve hours, along using the bad weather clouds carrying parts, progressively north rainfall of as a good offer as fifty mm is going to be more. on the time, as well as the village of fang shan magmatic dealt maju elevated bridge much more rainfall than fifty mm using the storm, the category. 

From the environment situation, the progress craze in the cozy moist oxygen flows along south and additional the weak awesome oxygen below the effect in the common these times and tomorrow, the village will appear rainfall days. However, all through the day time tomorrow with reduce voltage convergent area south in the city, progressively stress rainfall as well as the environment can appreciably weakened and progressively stop. In addition, the bad weather through the area distribution of environment on see, these times to tomorrow's weather, bad weather method much more rainfall place generally in Beijing city, and is also situated using the southern and northern yanqing, huairou rainfall are some smaller. 

Because this village may properly day time tomorrow there is going to be showers, going out to spend curiosity in the direction of the bad weather as well as the site site visitors safety. The day time subsequent tomorrow, is beneficial to obvious up all outside activities. 

Tomorrow as well as the day time subsequent tomorrow is anticipated in the greatest temperatures all through the day time for 28 ℃ respectively and 32 ℃. although the temperatures in the day time subsequent tomorrow, but slightly higher oxygen and relaxed, no obvious sultry feeling. In addition, using the last two or three times in the evening minimal temperatures will decline to twenty ℃ to 21 ℃, is conducive to our sleep at night.