Useful Tips And Techniques For Online Shopping

Online shopping gives you the ease of having a very large selection of items at your fingertips. You're able to shop for virtually anything online from your home. Since your buying options are so vast, it is important you know the best way to go about using this to your best advantage. Read on for more useful tips.

Never try to shop directly from a link someone sent you in an email, unless it's a widely known and respected site, like. Too many consumers get tricked into scams via hyperlinks in questionable emails. Visit the URL of the site mentioned in the mail, instead of clicking the link itself.

If you are thinking about buying from a company that you have not done business with before, look up customer reviews online. This generally gives you a better idea of services and goods you should expect. If you see a lot of bad reviews, think about shopping with another merchant.

Read customer testimonials before you buy anything. People are more than happy to complain about bad service online, so look for sites and testimonials that are terrible so that you know what you're getting into. You should take bad reviews with a grain of salt, but if you see many, you know there is a problem.

Before purchasing a product online, find out more about shipping. If you do not find any information about shipping costs, contact the seller to find out if there are additional charges for shipping. If there are several shipping options, choose an affordable and reliable option to make sure you receive your product quickly.

When shopping online, choose the best shipping policy. Many times companies offer expedited shipping. However, many times getting the product one day earlier can cost you as much as twice the normal shipping price. Therefore, if you can wait on the product to arrive using normal shipping instead of expedited shipping, choose standard shipping to save money.

When you're shopping online you have to be sure that you know who you're buying from. If you're buying on an online auction site, only buy from people that have positive feedback. On other sites look to see if they are a reputable company by looking for reviews on them online.

To protect yourself use a credit card when shopping online. The federal government has passed laws to protect consumers in the event of fraud. The amount the consumer is responsible for is a mere $50.00 as compared to debit cards where the entire balance can be withdrawn by internet hackers.

Lots of online stores give discounts to those using coupon codes. You can find coupon codes for your favorite retailers by entering "coupon code" and the retailer's name in the search engine box. You could get anything from no-cost shipping to a discount percentage dependent on what is being offered at the time, so it is well worth the time spent searching.

Save money with major online retailers by locating coupons and deals on deal sites. Getting an account and logging on frequently to money saving sites like can give you access to redeemable online codes for major online retailers and even printable coupons for physical locations. Try keeping an eye on these sites around the beginning and end of the month for some of the best online coupons.

If you followed a link from an email an online store sent you, pay attention to the URL. Some scammers send fake emails that look just like what a popular email store would send except that the URL is slightly different. Make sure you received an email from an official address and check the URL of the link you followed.

You can save a lot while shopping online if you order all the products you need at once. Most online stores will ship your items together and only charge you once for shipping. Some stores will even offer free shipping if you spend a certain amount. It is sometimes more interesting to purchase an additional item instead of paying for shipping.

Buying things online is a lot less expensive than buying them at a physical store. It's important to learn where you should look and really how to take advantage of the deals. In this article, we shared some great tips about saving money by shopping online. Use this information to your advantage.

Improve soccer skills with soccer passing drills

If you want to improve your game and practice soccer passing drills individually, then you’ve come to the perfect place. Many soccer players like to train alone on their free time, to learn new techniques and become better players. Soccer Positions are important, but when it comes to passing skills, everyone has to master various types of passes and work on their strengths and weaknesses.

Whether they are beginners or experienced players, they all enjoy one-on-one training programs that can help them increase their soccer skills. Although team training it’s essential for the whole group, sometimes players consider that their conventional soccer practice is not enough and start practicing on their own. Working on their passing techniques can bring them great benefits, but before they start their new training they must make sure they use correct and effective soccer passing drills.

Fortunately, these days they can take advantage of the power of the internet and find valuable and useful resources online. Kicking the ball back and forth is not enough to improve their passing skills, they must learn how to control the ball and search for quality exercises. With a few clicks and a serious research they will find lots of reputable and reliable websites providing professional help and expert guidance for soccer players.

Everything they ever wanted to know about rules or strategies, Soccer Positions or soccer skills is out there in the online. They don’t have to waste their time searching for materials and manuals in bookstores or at the library, they can find quality tips, effective video training programs and exercises with a simple search on the World Wide Web. As long as they have internet connection they have access to unlimited amounts of information and they can find the best training strategy for their personal needs and tastes.

No matter if you play as a defender, a midfielder or attacker, you should consider practicing soccer passing drills on your own. You will learn how to concentrate and manipulate the ball, how to make your drills more effective and become a quality, top player. Practice makes it perfect, so don’t hesitate to develop your soccer skills, practice every day and search online for drills, tips and tricks.

Training after hours can be of real help, just have a look at all the famous soccer players, they all practice on their own and that’s what make them such great players. Training on yourself can be your key to success, there are lots of effective training techniques and methods available out there, analyze and compare the best of them and choose whatever suits your tastes.

When You Want To Learn About Hobbies, Read This

There are so many ways to find the perfect hobby for you, but it can be hard knowing where to begin. In order to stick to a hobby, you need to find something that interests you. Where should you start? The article below is full of great ideas to put your mind at rest.

Get into music as a hobby. First, decide what instrument you want to play. You can then do your practice with a friend, or use online resources to help teach you. Take it slowly, practice when possible and you will be amazed by the results.

Chat with others that share your hobbies. After all, not everybody is going to have the same interests as you. When friends and family are tired of hearing about your hobby - meet new people who share your interest. Support groups and online forums can be joined to socialize with people that enjoy the same things you do.

Talk to others who share your hobby. Everyone won't enjoy what you enjoy, you know. When your friends and family get tired of hearing about your hobby, meet new people! Join forums and neighborhood support groups geared for like-minded people.

Hiking can be a terrific pastime for enjoying nature and maintaining fitness. New paths to explore and the wonders of Mother Nature will keep your hobby interesting. Pack a picnic lunch, call a friend and hike until you find a scenic spot for lunch.

Go outside and take up gardening. While some people hate to garden, others love it. Just plant some seeds in the rich brown earth and reap your harvest a few months later. You can save money on food while enjoying using your green thumbs under the sun.

Sewing is a hobby that is quite enjoyable for many. A hobby like this is great for making home items like pillows, curtains, quilts and even great clothing items. Sewing is loved by countless individuals.

Never feel guilt about spending time on a hobby, as long as the time is balanced out with the important things in your life. Hobbies are helpful to make you well-rounded. Both are important, so make sure to spend time on your hobby.

Riding a horse is a hobby that can be done outdoors. While on horseback, you could explore the wilderness, find hidden trails and discover new animals. Also, if you're able to befriend a horse then you'll have a great and personal connection to the natural world that might be a new experience.

To start a new collection easily, bring back some interesting mementos from any trips that you take. You could collect spoons, local pottery, postcards, wine bottles, etc. No matter what you collect, you will have something to remember your trip by. Additionally, you can share your experiences with others by showing off your collection.

If you want to work jigsaw puzzles but do not want to clutter the dining table, get a folding puzzle board. This lets you keep the puzzle together and protect it by folding the sides up and storing it until your next session. The board keeps all the pieces together.

Jigsaw puzzles are a great option for a hobby. You can choose from easy to hard levels. Hang them up and display them for everyone to see. Choose a more difficult puzzle to do next each time you have completed one.

Try to collect things as a hobby. Today, the Internet can help you determine value, so you can find out what you need to get the most return on any investments. Check out eBay and other sites, and you can sell off your items to people who will pay the most!

If you want to do puzzles, get a foldable puzzle board so you don't tie up space. Just fold it up and tuck it away. The board keeps all the pieces right where you left them.

Be careful if cooking is your hobby. If you wear loose clothing, you may end up with a fire on your hands. Keep your hair tied back, wear tight clothes and an apron. Remember that safety and cooking go hand in hand.

A hobby could be the thing you were missing when you have tons of free time. However, getting the most from your hobbies is not always as easy as you might think. With what you've gone over in the article above, getting a lot from your hobbies is possible.


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Chess - Chess - Its Origins And Development

Chess is one of the world's great board games. For centuries chess players around the world have been mesmerized by its challenges, and its great masters have been revered as superstars of a different order -- superstars with brains.

** Origins and background of chess

Like many of our popular board games, such as checkers (draughts) and backgammon, chess originated sometime in the first millenium AD, somewhere along the Silk Road that ran between Europe, Egypt, India and the Orient. Most historians trace its origins back to northern India or Afganistan sometime around 600 AD.

As one might expect, there is a good deal of controversy among chess historians about both the date and place of the origin of chess. While some place its origins in China, the most common theory is that the version of chess we are familiar with evolved from a game played in northern India called ashtapada. This game used an 8x8 board (like ours), but had 4 players, and moves were determined by the throw of dice.

As some historians point out, the unique features of ashtapada, and its successor called chataranga, were deeply embedded in Indian culture of the time. The fact that it was a "four-handed" war game was consistent with the division of the country into many kingdoms. And the use of dice to determine moves was a reflection of the importance of Karma in Indian religious thought.

** Evolution into modern chess

The gradual appearance of different types of Indian military forces in the Indian board game known as chataranga -- elephants, chariots, cavalry and infantry -- was consistent with the transition of the game from a relatively simple "race" game to that of a war game.

In a race game players do not capture or extinguish their opponents. If a player lands on the same square as an opponent, the opponent would simply have to go back to the beginning and start over.

But when the principle of capture or extinction was accepted -- where the captured opponent's piece is taken off the board -- this involves a different game concept -- a different "mind set". And it was then just a matter of time before different types of military forces, with different powers and values would be introduced.

This transition from race game to war game is important. But perhaps the most significant evolutionary step -- and the one most difficult to explain -- was the elimination of the dice as the means of determining moves. As Yuri Averbakh, a Russian chess historian, points out, this was not something that would happen "naturally" within a pure Indian context.

As he says, "To change the Indian war game into chess it was necessary to throw away the dice. Unlike the previous stages which were typical for the evolutional way of the game`s development and were not contrary to the customs of the Indians and their religious beliefs, giving up dice was a radical, a revolutionary step forward that not only changed the game itself but also its philosophy. In fact, that step meant the withdrawal from the principle of Karma - the basic principle of the Indian philosophy. Now the result depended entirely on the players' will, on their choice. They became complete masters of their destiny."

According to Averbakh this would not have happened without the influence of Greece upon northern India. This influence stretched back to Alexander the Great in the 4th century BC and developed even further within what historians call the Indo-Greek Kingdom. This was a large area including much of Afganistan and northern India which was conquered by the Greco-Bactrian kind Demetrius in 180 BC.

This kingdom lasted for about 200 years in which time the region underwent a profound synthesis of Greek and Indian religion, culture, languages and symbols. As Wikipedia says, "The Indo-Greek kings seem to have achieved a level of cultural syncretism with no equivalent in history, the consequences of which are still felt today."

The Greek influence was felt for hundreds of years after the demise of the Indo-Greek Kingdom. According to Averbakh it was this Greek influence that "helpd the Indians to make the final step for chess to appear." In particular, he mentions that Greeks brought with them the war game petteia. Although it was a simpler game, it had two of the features that chess would eventually gain -- players could "kill" each other, and there were no dice. "It was the player himself who decided where and which pieces should move. He had complete freedom of choice."

** Chess in the Kushan Kingdom

Another writer goes even further in placing the origins of modern chess in the Afganistan/Northern India region, but places that development much earlier than 600 AD. Gerhard Josten, in his article "Chess - A Living Fossil" claims that modern chess is an amalgam of a number of different games. We know this, Josten claims, because of its completely unique feature of having three different types of characters:

1. A relatively immoble center piece -- the King -- the capture of which is the object of the game.
2. A number of pieces that can make varying long moves -- moves that cover more than one space.
3. A number of pieces that can only make short moves -- moves that cover only one space.

Josten claims these different pieces originated in different games, and were amalgamated in what we know as modern chess. He claims type 1 pieces originated in Chinese games, type 2 pieces originated in Mesopotamian divination rites -- in particular, the Babylonian astrolabe, and type 3 pieces originated in Indian race games.

According to Josten, chess did not spring fully developed into existence in 600 AD but evolved over the first two or three centuries of the first millenium -- in particular between 50 BC and 200 AD. This development took place in a number of places -- India, China, and all along the Silk Road to Europe -- and each of the areas would have influenced the others.

But the most likely place where it all came together was the Kushan Empire, the eventual successor to the old Indo-Greek Kingdom. This was the central Asian area encompassing much of northern India, Pakistan, and Afganistan.

As we saw with the Indo-Greek Empire, this area stood at the crossroads of Europe, India and the Orient, and was deeply influenced by Greek culture. Most importantly, the Kushans were cultural, religious and linguistic synergists. They took elements from various cultures and forged these elements into something new and different.

This, according to Josten, is exactly what happened to the game of chess in the early centuries of the first millenium. It is also why we have so few hard facts about this influential period. As he says,

"Following the gradual disintegration of the Kushan Empire, the neighbouring conquering states each claimed to be the intellectual authors of chess, with no mention of the losers of the battles, the Kushans.... The fall of the Kushan Empire may thus be the main reason why so many facts have been lost and so many unbelievable legends have arisen around the genesis of chess..."

The Proper Swing Sequence

Some people who listen to my golf lessons think the swing is all about moving the right body parts. But knowing which parts to move isn’t enough. You also need to know what sequence to move them in, when, and how quickly. Building rhythm, timing, and tempo into your swing is a prerequisite to hitting good golf shots time and time again.

Helping players develop swing consistency is a priority in my golf instruction. I work diligently with them, to help them learn both the components of a good swing and the “feel” of one. Once they learn these, they’re well on their way to hitting good shots consistently.

Below is the swing sequence I recommend in my golf tips. Following it builds rhythm, timing, and tempo in a golf swing. Practicing it builds consistency

Initiate the swing trigger.

Player, Palmer, and Nicholas all start their swings with a little move that triggers the action. Player kicks in his right knee. Palmer waggles his club one final time. And Nicholas turns his head to the right. These movements help each player make a smooth, fluid start to the backswing, preventing any jerky movements that destroys critical swing linkage.

Start the takeaway.

Requiring a one-piece movement, the takeaway determines the swing’s shape and tempo. Moving the club, hands, arms, and chest in unison keeps the clubhead low and the backswing full. It also starts a wide and a powerful move away from the ball.

Set the clubhead on the right plane.

During the first few feet the swing, the club must move gradually inside the ball-to-target line. At the same time it must stay outside your hands. The key to setting the clubhead on the right plane lies in starting the swing with the butt of the club. Moving the club in towards your right thigh helps set the club on the right path.

Open the clubhead slightly.

I recommend in my golf tips that you think of the clubface as a gate that opens slowly clockwise in conjunction with the turning motion of your body. Open it slowly as you set the clubhead on the right plane.

Check the club at the mid-point of the backswing.

At this point your left arm should be close to your body and the right elbow splayed out slightly, pointing down toward the ground. Your wrists should be fully cocked, forming a 90-degree right angle between your hands and the club. From here, it’s an easy move to the top of the backswing, also known as the slot.

Turn your head right.

Here, you should be aware of some tension in your right knee. Your left shoulder should be comfortably underneath your chin. Allowing your head to turn to the right as you swing the back to the ball encourages your spine to rotate. It also gets your weight moving in the right direction. The club should be as parallel to the target line as possible when it reaches the slot.

Start turning the lower body.

The body as a whole is then able to unwind in one motion. The movement produces a swinging motion of the arms, hands, and club, allowing the clubhead to peak through impact. Think about swinging the clubhead, not hitting the ball.

Straighten and release your right arm.

Do it as early as possible from the downswing, maintaining the 90-degree angle at the back of your wrists. Gradually opening up your body the target widens your downswing arc and puts the clubhead on a square path to the ball. In my golf lessons I tell players to drive the right knee toward the left. but to delay the club’s release as long as they can, creating solid contact.

Firm up the left side of your body.

It needs to both support and resist the release of the clubhead as your torso unwinds. At the same time drive your right side through the ball as hard as you like. Your arms should be fully extended and your weight going forward, sort of like a lumber jack chopping down a tree, to generate optimum impact. I have players in my golf instruction sessions practice swinging the club like a baseball bat. Then, I have them lower the club to the ground, but continue to swing the club the same way.

Rotate the body fully through impact.

Most of the player’s weight will end-up on the left side of your body and your right heel will be up. At this point, the knees touch lightly, the hips are fully turned, and the right shoulder is pointed at the target. Accelerating the clubhead through the swing carries the player through the swing.

Finish with hand high above left shoulder.

The player will be in a straight up, balanced position when the swing is completed. Your hands will finish high, just like you see in golf instruction manuals.

Producing good golf shots requires not only knowing which body parts to move in isolation but also examining the swing holistically. Practicing the steps I describe above in the sequence encourages this holistic look. Successfulyl linking them together into a smooth swing, with rhythm, tempo, and the right timing, builds a coordinated, repeating action, and generates consistency and accuracy.

The Proper Takeaway And Backswing

When it comes to the swing, my golf instruction hinges on a simple idea: The swing is a chain reaction. What occurs at the start of the swing influences what happens at the end. If you execute the takeaway and backswing properly, you’ll hit the ball with accuracy and power. If you don’t, you’ll hit the ball off-line and with little power.

A proper takeaway is critical to a good swing. Like the catalyst in a chain reaction, the takeaway starts everything in motion, as I stress in my golf tips. It introduces width and coordination in the swing, and determines the quality and shape of the shot. In fact, many experts consider the first 30 inches of the takeaway the most crucial point in the swing.

A one-piece movement starts the takeaway. To achieve this, sweep the club back low and slow as your left knee, hip, and shoulder turn to the right. Shift your weight slightly onto the right foot (for right-handers), creating the feeling as if the move was “all arms.” And hold your chin up as you take the club away to allow for a full left shoulder turn.

Here, some golf instruction differs on the position of the left heel. No hard and fast rules state that it should remain planted during takeaway. You’re free to lift it if you have to. I recommend in my golf lessons that you keep it planted as long as you can, creating resistance in the swing. However, if your heel must come up to complete the body-turn, then by all means lift it. It all depends on how flexible you are.

Also, keep your wrists passive until the club reaches the height of your right hip. Cock your writs at this point as you complete the body turn, forming a right angle between the shaft and the left forearm.

This is a good checkpoint. If your wrists form a 90-degree angle and the club is on plane, your takeaway has been sound.

Continue turning your arms and body until you’re at the top of the swing, or in the slot. Your weight is on your right foot and your club is as close to horizontal as possible. Both thumbs are under the shaft.

Next comes a key transition point, one that I really focus on in my golf lessons. It needs to be smooth and unhurried, so don’t rush it. If you do, your swing will be come too narrow.

Many tour players and players with low golf handicaps employee Harvey Penick’s “Magic Move” at this point. It’s ideal for beginning the downswing. And it’s simple.

At the start of the downswing, shift your weight gradually to the left side while, at the same time, bringing your right arm closer to your body. That’s it. It’s a subtle but highly effective move.

The Magic Move flattens out the swing plane slightly, putting it on the ideal position from which to swing the club on the optimum path and deliver the clubhead squared to the ball with power.

The rest of the downswing is basically a reaction to what has come before. Retain the 90- degree angle between the left forearm and club as long as you can. Keep the flex in your knees and the gap between them as the club comes down. And settle your weight gradually on the left side of your body. Finally, make sure you keep your body behind the ball at impact.

At this point, if you’ve executed the takeaway and downswing properly, you’ll return to the same position you assumed at the start of your swing. The rest of the swing should follow naturally.

A good exercise to practice when you can’t get to a driving range is the tire drill. It’s one I sometimes use in my golf lessons.

Take an old tire and line it up where the ball should be in your swing. Then take a club, assume your normal set-up. Execute the takeaway and downswing, hitting the tire instead of the ball. Substitute a golf bag for the tire, if you want. Practice this drill as often as you can. It helps perfect the takeaway and backswing.

Your swing, as I said at the beginning of this golf tip, is like a chain reaction. What happens at the start affects what happens at the end. Practice the sequence detailed here, including Harvey Penick’s Magic Move, and you’re well on your way to developing a consistent, error-free swing—and to a lower golf handicap.


Dance - How Do You Learn To Dance?

There is much confusion amongst the general public about how you can learn to dance. It seems that everyone wants to learn to dance. How many people when you ask them the things that they would like to learn one day mention dancing? From my experience pretty much everyone. But how many people go through the effort to learn?

There is a myth out there that all dancers were born with the gift of dancing. My take on that is this: all dancers were born with the gift of dancing, and we were all given that gift! There are those who seemed to just drop out of their mother's womb dancing. However don't let the tears well up if this is not you, there is a dancer in everyone and it is something that can be unearthed.

The baby dancing on arrival in the world is a good analogy. A baby probably won't be able to talk for the first few years of its life. Then the words come out one by one, then sentences, and then absurdities on arrival of the teenage years. If I told you that I knew a 5 year old who could talk, would your face transform into an expression of surprise? (I'm hoping you answered 'no').

You give a baby as long as it needs to learn to talk or walk because you know that it will learn. With dancing it is just the same, it may seem unnatural at first, but with a bit of practice you can dance pretty well. And it won't take you as long as it took you to learn to talk!

The transition from walking and moving about normally into dancing is not as huge as it is made up to be. It is a case of making certain simple movements gestures, linking them up in interesting ways and making it look good! Of course when it comes to learning routines and choreography, that's another skill in and of itself!

So what's the answer to the golden question? How do you learn to dance? Well there are many ways. You could learn by copying your favourite artists such as Janet Jackson, Usher or J.Lo and studying their music videos. In fact, this is the way famous MTV choreographer Wade Robson learnt to dance. If you are naturally a good dancer, this could be a good approach.

Another way you could learn is to make friends with people who are good dancers and either copy them or try and get them to show you how to do a few of their moves. This is great, especially if you spend a lot of time with these friends.

The easiest way you can learn to dance is to join a dance class. There will usually be at least a couple of these in your area, maybe even a dance studio offering a variety of different classes from different teachers. If you are not naturally a dancer, joining a dance class or series of classes is probably the best option for you. Even if you can dance and learnt on your own, there are still plenty of things you can learn from joining a dance class. If you are at all serious about dancing as a profession, you should definitely be going to classes unless you are privileged enough to be the son/ daughter of a talented dancer or have lots of great contacts/ dancer friends.

The good thing about dance classes is that they are usually grouped into rough ability levels so if you are a beginner you can find a class at your level until you get better. Even so, it can feel as if you are throwing yourself in at the deep end when you begin, but nonetheless, just like you did with the walking and talking, stick at it. You will get better.

As you go to more and more classes, you will start to build up the pieces of the puzzle of that style and soon you'll be dancing more confidently. The important thing (and I'm not just copying someone's words) is that you enjoy yourself regardless of your standard. It may seem difficult to comprehend (or maybe not) but the people who get good are usually the people who enjoy their dancing the most, even when they did have 2 left feet! Of course, be self-aware where you need to improve and work at it, but by all means, ABSOLUTELY NOT do not beat yourself up. If you need help, concentrate on the music in class and try and enjoy that!

If I were to give out one piece of advice (this changes with time, but here's my favourite advice I'm dishing out at the moment), it would be...to go out and dance. Now you may be saying "but I can't dance." You know what you need to do then! Start trying to copy what you see in dance videos and find out about dance classes you can go to. And then go to the dance classes that interest you. And then get better. And better. And better still.

Holiday - The Door To Andalucia

In the northernmost part of Andalusia, between Jaen and Ciudad Real, where Andalusia begins, we find a Natural Park, which is unequalled amongst the natural parks of Andalusia.

Its history is ingraved in its landscape, and is well illustrated in books and stories, in common expressions, and also physically in the many archeological sites, paintings and sculptures found here. These, and the richness of nature in its rugged and hard terrains makes it a deserving subject for conservation. This natural and historical wealth is a heritage for the future. The Natural Park, with an area of 6.000 hectares, situated in the Sierra Morena, is one of the most spectacularly beautiful landscapes that exist in Andalusia. For the hiker or tourist entering the park after the smooth plains of the central peninsual, the sudden dramatic panorama of the mountains and narrow passes is breathtaking. On the other hand, the hiker leaving the park finds that in the space of only a few kilometers these forceful montains are now behind him, and that suddenly a gentle, easy Castilian landscape lies ahead.

The area is is the pass between Andalusia and the rest of the peninsula. In few places is your entry and departure so well defined. A place of history, a place full of rocky cliffs and crags, a frontier, and more, the list could go on forever with the ideals this place cojures up in the imagination. However, it is necessary to travel here to appreciate the range of images that can be seen in the changing vista from the highway.

In this area, the town of Santa Elena can be found, a place which the visitor really should visit. Although this is inside a natural park of great ecological value, it has also been for centuries an axis of meeting points between Andalusia and Castilla-La Mancha. A strong sense of its special omportance is expressed in the history of this place.

The national park was formed by a large fracture in the surface of the earth where the slow erosion of the river has formed the great narrow passes through the slate of the Sierra and has broken up the uniformity of the Sierras, through which, in its course, leasds the Valley of the Guadalquivir.

Their position in the northern border of Andalucia, gives these mountains considerable rainfall. The combination of the natural form of the rocks and the rainswater endows this land with its vitality and vigor. With heights of more than 1.000 metres and because of he geological break between the Meseta and the valley of the Guadalquivir, a natural bioversity exists.

Any tourist will be more than rewarded by a visit there and will be able to observe in these forests the blend of holm oak, cork, gall oak, and pine, to mention only a few species among the natural wealth of this mountain range. Below the trees, is an undergrowth of mediterranean origin, with plants such as madrona bushes, mastic bushes, and myrtle. The wildlife living here include the wolf, the lynx, the deer, the wild boar and the marten, to name just a few. They have evolved here in perfect equilibrium in a rich diversity of species in spite of the proximity of human civilization. The skies, too, are worth more than a mere glance, as here you can observe such birds as the lion vulture, and the beautiful imperial eagle.

Access to the park is principally via the Motorway of Andalusia which leads te Santa Elena, from where your route can be decided. You can travel through some of the narrow passes of the River or by going on foot across the Arroyo del Rey (The King's Stream) or, perhaps, taking the road to the Aldea de Miranda del Rey (Village of Miranda del Rey).

Inside the park and just after crossing the pass in the north, is the zone of the Correderas. From here, the road going in the direction of Aldeaquemada leads to the interior of the sierras. On entering this area of natural beauty one should perhaps be prepared to pause and absorb at leisure the geological formations that nature has created. Deep ravines, stark, vertical faces and diverse eroded forms shape the landscape.

Speaking of areas of natural beauty, we must not forget that there are also those who consider this area to be a real hunter's paradise as well. For a long time this has been a major hunting ground where hunting practices have had an almost ritual fulfillment, Santa Elena and La Carolina being central to the practice.

Few natural places of this size can offer the tourist so much. Wildlife, hunting, spectacular views, as well as its own special historical features. Near Santa Elena is one of the jewels of Iberian archeology, the Collado de los Jardines (Collado of the Gardens). In the middle of the Sierras is one of the most interesting Iberian sancturies known, and nearby, an archeological site, The Cave of the Dolis with its valuable cave paintings.

Another place of interest to visit, though not within the park's borders, is the Paraje Natural (Natural Place) known for la Cascada de la Cimbarra (The Waterfall of the Cimbarra). It can be reached via the Motorway of Andalusia via Aldeaquemada or from Santa Elena which also leads to Aldeaquemada.

In mid sierra, due to the erosion of the strong hard slate, the River Guadalquivir appears to be completely enclosed, creating mighty cliffs, from where various waterfalls originate, the most spectacular being La Cimbarra. The combination of natural factors here make it a place to mark on the map as a must. The delicious meat of the mountain is also a rare delicacy due te the difficulty of the terrain. Meat, such as small game, with fried breadcrumbs, sausages, and delicate wild mushrooms, are authentic dishes which tempt the palate with their delicious flavours and aromas.

This area has become, over the centuries, through the richness of its wildlife and natural beauty, a unique place on the map of Andalusia and the Iberian peninsula as a whole.

Satellite - Saturday Night Live Is An American Saturday Night Tradition

If you have been one of the millions of people who have been a faithful follower of Saturday Night Live, then you know how many of our great comedic actors that were catapulted to stardom because of this show. It has probably produced more famous comedians than any one show ever has.

It has been being broadcast live from New York City to most of the country every Saturday night since October 11, 1975. It is also broadcast simultaneously in Canada. It is one of the longest running comedy shows in television history. The show features various comedy skits by its many cast members and always has a guest host and a musical talent.

Lorne Michaels was the show's first producer. NBC decided that the show should be done in New York City at Rockefeller Center. They gave Michael's studio 8H. This studio is well known for being the place where Saturday Night Live is performed each week.

Over the years, the cast members have changed often from season to season. This is largely due to the fact that so many of these actors go on to become movie stars or star in sitcoms on other television shows. The first original cast was one of the best and gave actors like Chevy Chase, Dan Aykroyd, Jane Curtain, Laraine Newman along with the late Gilda Radnor and John Belushi a push towards their other successes.

There are so many great people that have been part of the cast of this show, that it is impossible to list all of them in this short article, but some are so note worthy that they have to be acknowledged. In all fairness, there has probably never been anyone who was a cast member that was not special in their own way.

Martin Short and Dana Carvey are both big stars today and the characters that they played on the show were unforgettable. Short's character, Ed Grimeley and Carvey's character The Church Lady will never be forgotten.

Chris Farley and Phil Hartman, both hilarious, had really just begun their movie careers after the show. Sadly, they followed the fate of two of their predecessors, Radnor and Belushi. David Spade has made many movies as well as played characters in sitcoms. Adam Sandler has enjoyed a very productive movie career.

Chris Rock, Mike Myers, and Eddie Murphy are yet three more who got some of their beginnings on Saturday Night Live. You really could not ask for one show to deliver more entertainment than this show has over the past 32 years.

Travel - No Artificial Ingredients - Costa Rica

For a perfect blend of science, adventure, and hands-on learning, Costa Rica is an excellent destination for student group travelers. A republic in Central America, Costa Rica (literally "Rich Coast") is bordered by Nicaragua, Panama, the Pacific Ocean, and the Caribbean Sea. The destination is divided into 20 natural parks, eight biological reserves, and a series of protected areas that will expand the regular science curriculum far beyond the walls of the classroom.

Outdoor activities include horseback riding, hiking, and guided bird-watching tours. While Costa Rica is has only about 0.1% of the world's landmass, it contains 5% of the world's biodiversity, with nearly a quarter of the country composed of protected forests and reserves.

The internationally-known Corcovado National Park is famous among ecologists for its biodiversity and is home to an abundance of wildlife. Students experience the park with horseback riding, expeditions to the Guayami Indigenous Reserve, and bird watching. Boat tours provide views of marine birds and dolphins. Corcovado is the last remaining large tract of lowland rain forest o the Pacific coast of Central America. Howler and spider monkeys, tapirs, anteaters, crocodiles, bull sharks, and exotic birds are just a few of the park's inhabitants, along with a huge variety of tropical plant life.

Home to 320 species of birds, Tortuguero National Park is mostly recognized for its annual nesting of endangered green turtles and is considered the most important nesting site for this species. The park is also home to spider, howler, and white-throated Capuchin monkeys, the three-toed sloth, and the endangered manatee. The best way to see most of the park is from a boat. Evening guided tours enable students to visit the beachfront and see the Green Sea turtles nesting under the moon. During the tours, students can watch as the turtles struggle up the beach, dig their nests, and lay their eggs.

A walk through a Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve reveals a lush green garden of mosses, ferns, and flowers growing thickly on every tree. Clouds drift and settle among the slopes, providing moisture for the amazing plant growth. Wildlife includes the jaguar, three-wattled bellbird, and the famous and elusive Resplendent Quetzal. Of the 1,400 types of Costa Rica Orchids, 500 of them are found at the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve.

Students may enjoy a canopy tour of a cloud forest's protected area, or explore the area by suspension bridges. Aerial tram tours travel through the treetops, where an incredible diversity of plants and animals can be seen. For a more rustic mode of travel, students may strap on mountain climbing harnesses and pull themselves along suspended cables to a series of wooden platforms built in the trees.

Highlights at the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve include butterfly gardens, reptile and amphibian exhibitions, hummingbird gardens, and a visit to an orchid garden. Night tours feature beautiful sunsets and a naturalist guide who explains the many unique elements of the forest and its inhabitants.

In addition to rain forests, Costa Rica is a land of volcanoes, waterfalls, and rivers. One of the most popular ways to explore its waterways is snorkeling. Here, students get in touch with the colorful underwater world where eels, lobsters, schools of fish, and the spectacular whale shark make their home. This is also a great time to try out the new sport of "Canyoning," the exciting adventure of repelling down waterfalls. If that's too adventurous, students can take a relaxing dip in volcano-heated waters after a hike on the active Arenal Volcano.

The capital city of San Jose is an open gateway to the country's many interesting destinations. Costa Rica's National Museum, located in the ancient Bellavista Fort, is the guardian of the country's precious treasures and cultural heritage. The Jade Museum presents a number of important archaeological pieces, in addition to jade pieces and pottery. Presenting the rich culture of Costa Rica, Central Market is the city's colorful marketplace. Within the cozy warren of alleyways, students discover flowers, baskets, spices, fresh goods, and souvenirs. At the nearby Pre-Columbian Gold Museum, visitors view more than 2,000 glittering pre-Colombian gold artifacts.


Half man, half amazing, all fun

Winning the U.S Open would be great, but what PGA Tour rookie Andres Gonzales really wants is for Tiger Woods to tweet him back.
One of Tiger Woods' best friends in the world is a PGA Tour rookie with a super Fu Manchu, a brown hair salad, and the build of a baby grand -- 220-pound Andres Gonzales.

The only problem is, Woods doesn't know it.

"@TigerWoods as you probably know, my birthday was this week. I believe you owe me a night around a camp fire with songs and smores. Ttfn [ta ta for now]," Gonzales tweeted on May 19, even though Woods wouldn't know Gonzales from your podiatrist.

"Been awake since 3 a.m.," Gonzales tweeted on May 14. "@TigerWoods you awake yet? Let's chat." They didn't.

Then there was … "Anybody have a pill that will give me six pack ABS while sitting my hotel room doing nothing @TigerWoods how you look like that?"

No reply.

Gonzales calls himself "Half Man, Half Amazing," but he doesn't have six-pack abs. It's doubtful he's seen his abs in years. But he does have something Woods doesn't: a tee-time Thursday in this especially open Open at Congressional Country Club in Bethesda, Md.

When Gonzales qualified, he immediately tweeted, "@TigerWoods qualified for the open today. Hate to say I don't need a roommate because my family is coming. But I would be up for a p. round."

Then Woods withdrew with left knee and Achilles problems, meaning he'll miss the Open for the first time in 17 years, not to mention a chance to room with his cyber stalker.

[+] EnlargeAndres Gonzales/Kenny Powers
Getty Images/HBO/Fred Norris
PGA Tour rookie Andres Gonzales is often mistaken for Danny McBride who plays Kenny Powers on the HBO television series "Eastbound and Down."
If "@TigerWoods" and "@Andres_Gonzales" ever do show up at the same tournament (Hey, Tiger, how about inviting The Gonzo to your AT&T National tournament on June 30?), Woods won't be able to miss him. Gonzales is a 28-year-old from Olympia, Wash., who looks like a tattoo parlor security guard. His Fu is annexing his face, his Fabio-length hair flows behind him like Dave Grohl's and his barrel chest is enough for triplets. Mirrored sunglasses hide green eyes and his belt buckle is engraved with his own face. He looks less like a PGA Tour player than he does Genghis Khan.

"Wrong," says Gonzales. "Mostly I get Kenny Powers. Everybody thinks I look like Kenny Powers. Some guy the other day, every time I hit a shot or a putt, was hollering, 'Kenny Powers Baby!'"

"Gonzo" is growing that mushroom cloud on his head for a reason, though. His father died of pancreatic cancer in 2007 so he's trying to get it long enough to donate to Locks of Love, which makes hair prosthetics for kids going through chemo.

How would your dad feel to see you on Tour, in the Open, and getting famous?

"He'd roll around in his grave," Gonzales says. "He'd look at my hair and go, 'You look like a clown!'"

This man is more fun than a boxful of puppies. At the Sony Open, he was an alternate hoping for a player -- any player -- to withdraw. So what did he do? He started bribing guys to quit -- with $1 bills. Incredibly, it didn't work.
This man is more fun than a boxful of puppies. At the Sony Open, he was an alternate hoping for a player -- any player -- to withdraw. So what did he do? He started bribing guys to quit -- with $1 bills. Incredibly, it didn't work.

This first year on tour for the ex-UNLV star wasn't working much, either, until June busted out. He'd made only three cuts in nine tries, but then he qualified for the Open in Tunica, Miss. And last week, he finished T-38 in Memphis and made $21,840, which was about $15,000 more than he made all year.

"What am I gonna do with it?" he says. "Give it to my wife, what else?"

Far beyond the 'do and the Fu and the boo, Gonzales is known for his hilarious tweets to Woods, whom he idolized as a youth and whom he twintroduced himself like so:

"@TigerWoods my name is andresgonzales and I am a rookie on tour. I like elephants."

One time he asked Tiger what his 40-yard-dash time was.

Another time he wondered why Tiger wouldn't tweet him back. "I think if you ever answer me you will realize I am way cooler than Jean Claude Van Dam?"

And then there was the admonishment: "@TigerWoods You missed out last night on the bowling!"

He hopes Woods isn't offended by them. Then again, he doesn't even know if Woods is aware of them. Or him. He just admires the famous Cablinasian so much that he decided he'd form a one-way public friendship with him. Love unrequited is still love.

"He's just done so much for golf," Gonzales says. "We need him back out here. We need him to come back out here and win, actually. The economy needs him to win!"

Now, whenever Gonzales finishes his round, other tour players ask him one question and one question only, and it's not "What'd you shoot?"

It's: "Did Tiger answer you yet?"

Answer: No.

"But I kind of hope he doesn't," Gonzales says. "I'm having too much fun with it the way it is."

Us, too.

Golf's new era is here

Rory McIlroy, Chubby Chandler & Jason Day
Getty Images
No Tiger? No Phil? No problem. Rory McIlroy, left, Chubby Chandler and Jason Day, right, are taking over.
Golf changed Sunday. Rory McIlroy changed it. What happened at Congressional Country Club changed it. There is a new golf order, starting now. Better get used to it.

1. For the first time in his life, Tiger Woods isn't the one being chaste … er, chased.

You know the idiot who hollers "You Da Man!" in the nanosecond after impact on televised tournaments? For the first time in 14 years, he's not referring to Woods. The Man is McIlroy now.

And it's the first good thing to happen to Woods in three years.

Finally, The Big Cablinasian is the pursuer, not the pursued. For once, he's the underdog. He hasn't been the underdog since … since … ever. Imagine the possibilities here. You know how pissed off he's played as the God of Golf? Imagine how motivated he'll be as the Has Been.

This is a guy who won three U.S. Juniors and three U.S. Amateurs before he even hit the tour. This is a guy who won in a playoff in his fifth pro tournament, who won four times in his first full year alone, who won his first pro appearance in the Masters by 12 shots.

Chubby Chandler is the new Man to See in golf. And if you want to see him, you have to go to London.
He's never had to do the "also playing" thing.

Can't you just see Woods on Sunday, getting up on his crutches, clicking off the 80-inch flat screen, swearing at the dog, kicking over the gold-plated elephant-foot umbrella stand and cranking the spin bike up to about Everest?

Tattoo this on your forehead: This will light a fire under Woods the size of Mount St. Helen's. He'll be back someday and he'll be pissed.

And THAT'S why he'll still have a chance to catch Jack Nicklaus.

2. Phil's window just closed.

Phil Mickelson had three years to become sheriff of golf. From the 2008 U.S. Open, when Tiger won on a hollow leg, through the Fire Hydrant Incident, past the Parade of Porn Stars Era, and again through this most recent Leg Troubles Part IV, the position went unfilled. It was all pretenders and temps.

Mickelson won a Masters in that three-year window, but arthritis, a driver that won't listen, some crummy life luck and too many cockamamie I'm-going-to-hit-this-roided-up-2-iron-all-week! plans sunk him. Instead of moving up to his rightful throne, instead of stepping up from No. 2 to No. 1, Mickelson went as backwards as his famous trick lob-wedge shot. Disappointing for us Phil Phreaks.

And now it's too late. Master McIlroy has arrived, with a game to dominate -- and, scarier, at 41 it's never going to happen for Phil in this lifetime. But he's going to be a terrific Secretary of the Treasury someday.

3. Jason Day is the new Phil.

[+] EnlargeEllie & Jason Day
Jim Cowsert/Icon SMI
With Tiger Woods and ex-wife Elin out of the picture, Jason Day's wife, Ellie, is stealing the show.
The handsome Aussie with the violent swing finished second in his first Masters in April and now second in his first Open. Perhaps Day will play Mickelson to McIlroy's Woods? Plus, in keeping with the Mickelson role, Day's wife is hotter than a Venus oven.

4. Chubby Chandler is the new Mark Steinberg.

Steinberg, Tiger Woods' agent, was flushed by IMG and is on his own now.

Chandler is the very round, very thirsty and very clever British agent for not only McIlroy but Lee Westwood, Louis Oosthuizen, Charl Schwartzel and many more. If you're counting, that means Chubby's Champs have won three of the last four majors.

Plus he's got Ernie Els and Darren Clarke and Christina Kim, just for laughs.

Remember when Chubby kept McIlroy and Westwood out of the Players Championship this year? Expect more of that.

All of which makes Chandler the new Man to See in golf. And if you want to see him, you have to go to London.

Hint: Bring very good wine.

5. The USGA has lost it.

Whatever that was -- couples-outing rough, bunkers more shallow than David Spade, and easy bailouts everywhere -- it wasn't a U.S. Open. It was maybe a Honda Classic, but not an Open.

I never saw a single player have to hack it out sideways from boot-hiding rough. I never saw a single pin position that didn't have acres of room to make a mistake. I never saw a course more neutered by media day tee boxes.

You say, "Well, it rained."

I say, "Yeah, but not much."

You say, "This McIlroy kid just went nuts."

I say, "Most everybody went nuts. That was probably the lowest-scoring weekend in Open history. My God, Day's 8-under second-place finish would've won or tied every other Open ever played but Tiger's epic week in 2000 at Pebble Beach."

It's also time to get rid of these cutesy Thursday-Friday pairings the USGA finds so adorable. You know, Swedes getting to play with Swedes, Spaniards with Spaniards, Molinaris with Molinaris. Hello? It's an advantage to play with the same guys you play practice rounds with. You know their yardages, you know their tempos. And if you think one Molinari is going to call a rule violation on another Molinari, I've got a golf ball that won't slice to sell you.

We watch Opens to see multimillionaires clobber themselves with their putters in frustration. Give us those Opens again.

6. Accent the positive.

We are living in an era when a 7-foot German is the happy Kleenex story of the NBA. When the three best tennis players (of both genders) in the world are all from Europe. When the Boston Bruins win Lord Stanley's jug behind a team of 22 non-Americans out of 25. When the best sprinter is Jamaican. When the best soccer team is Spanish. Hell, even Green Bay is almost in Canada.

Last week, American golf fans in America's capital chanted the name of a 161-pound Ulsterman on every fairway. Meanwhile, the best young Americans came out with whatever this is on Wednesday -- and then three-fourths of them missed the cut Friday.

But so what? The digital age has shrunk the planet. You can find somebody to Skype with in Fiji faster than you can find help at Home Depot. This is the new normal. Learn to love the accents.

And next time your buddy says he can't get behind McIlroy because he's not American while scarfing a panini and chugging Heineken and ogling Penelope Cruz on a Sony, understand you're talking to a troglodyte.

7. Tim Finchem has a par-5-sized problem.

McIlroy is not a member of Finchem's PGA Tour. He's played in the U.S. only five times this year. It's possible America won't see him but twice more this season.

Without Tiger, the tour is already dying for star power. This only makes it worse. The top four players in the world are European. The Heritage Classic had to turn to the Royal Bank of Canada just to stay alive last week. And now golf's abiding dude lives near Belfast. Finchem better get the archaic 15-tournament-minimum-for-membership rule slashed if he wants McIlroy to be a member.

And, unless he has had his cerebral cortex removed, he wants McIlroy to be a member.

8. Golf owes Northern Ireland now.

Northern Ireland is to golf now what India is to cricket. It's a nation that is only about 5,400 square miles, total, and yet it's home to the last two U.S. Open champions, McIlroy and Graeme McDowell. That would be like getting two straight British Open champions from South Dakota.

So who does Northern Ireland have to sleep with to get a British Open? It's ridiculous that a nation with courses like Royal County Down (mystical), and Royal Portrush (mythical) hasn't hosted one in 60 years, and yet Royal St. Georges, the motocross track we're going to this year, will host its 14th.

Next open slot is 2016. As I say to my bartender while holding my mug, fill it with something Irish.

9. The world rankings are dumber than a bag of hair.

We haven't had a No. 1-ranked player win a major in three years. How can that be? The rankings need to be jiggered more to the majors and less to the Dubai Opens of the world. Otherwise, they are as useless as Mexican earmuffs.

Questionable answers

Getty Images
Rick Reilly dug up some strange questions on the internet about some of the most popular athletes.
Are you the kind of person who only went to school to eat the sandwich your mom packed?

Is the $500 question on "Millionaire" too much for you?

Are you feeling dumber than a Glad bag full of dirt?

Then do what I do! Surf WikiAnswers.com for an hour or two and you'll feel like Stephen Hawking. These are real questions with real answers, provided by very smart Internet users, or, at the very least, Internet users. I left all spellings and answers as I found them.

Q: Do they clean the ice after a ice hockey game?

A: Yes.

... with Pledge.

Q: Who was the first person to dunk a basket ball?

A: James Naismith ... invented basketball so he is the one who dunked the first basketball.

... true. Dr. James Naismith had hella-hops. He was known on the playgrounds as "Doctor N."

Q: Who is the fastest man on earth?

A: Jermain Bolt.

... that's Tito's brother.

Q: Who is the fastest man on earth? A: Jermain Bolt. ... that's Tito's brother.
Q: Why does tennis ball have fuzz?

A: To prevent the ball from travelling too fast. Since baseballs have been recorded to fly over 100-miles per hour, a tennis ball of the same speed would go straight through the racket.

... ignore the little serve-speed counter at Wimbledon, showing serves going 130-plus. That's kilometers.

Q: Who played 3 professional sports?

A: Michael Jordan, basketball, baseball, golf

... few people realize that Jordan spent his middle school summers playing the Hogan Tour.

Q: What year did Michael Phelps participate in the olyimpics?

A: I believe it was in the 2003 Olympics.

... true, though the 2003 Olympics were one of the lesser known Games, as they were staged in Ogallala, Nebraska.

Q: What is the rule for football?

A: A rule for football is that you are not allowed to hold anyone when you tackle them.

... a rule that was followed explicitly in the fourth quarter of the 2008 Super Bowl by all New England Patriots defenders.

Q: How is baseball now different from baseball back then?

A: It has different players.

... except for Tim Wakefield.

Q: Who as the longest time someone has hold their breath?

A: for about 20 minutes

... then they died.

... meanwhile, there should be a special category for this exchange, which may set a WikiAnswers.com record for stupidity:

Q: how fast has Lance Armstrong ever road on a bike?

A: probably. most people know how to ride a bike. neil armstrong knows how to ride a bike because be has been in the tour de france race for more than 7 times.

... and don't forget to read Armstrong's engrossing autobiography: "It's Not About the Rocket."

Q: What is Tiger Woods' favorite football team?

A: Los Angeles Raiders

... He especially loves their iconoclastic owner, Al Madden.

Q: How many hot dogs did Babe Ruth eat?

A: 12

... which showed real willpower, considering he loved them even as a kid.

Q: What is the fastest baseball pitch ever thrown?

A: The fastest recorded pitch was ... nolan ryan (was on the angels till death) Radar Speed: 107 mph

... Both answers will come as a shock to Ryan, who owns the Texas Rangers as we speak.

Q: What games are played with a bat and no ball?

A: Pinyata?

... also, any game played by the Houston Astros.

Q: Is Kobe Bryant the father of (actress) Khail (The Perfect Holiday) Bryant?

A: Yes

... He's also the father of actor Jaden Smith and singer Justin Bieber.

Q: Who is eligible to play in the Ryder cup?

A: Usually it is played between a European team and a American team.

... but not always. There is a play-in round with America vs. Canada, the winner going on to play Europe. It's just that Canada has never won it.

Q: How much do SportsCenter anchors make?

A: SportsCenter anchors (make) $20 an hour at the minimum. They get paid for the amount of shows they appear on, too.

... plus tips.

Q: How many years do you need to go to college to become a sports writer?

A: 50 billion YEARS!!!!!!!!!

... and you'd still be younger than me.

... Sadly, not all of the questions on WikiAnswers.com have been solved. Luckily, we are here to answer these questions. Again, these are actual questions submitted by actual human beings with actual Internet connections.

Q: Do they remove the ice when going from ice hockey to basketball?

... No, each employee of the hockey club is required to take a one-foot-by-one-foot square of it home and store it in their home freezers. Then they bring it back for the next game.

Q: Did Muhammad Ali ever had a dog?

... yes. His name was Jerry Quarry.

Q: Is it possible to verse your sibling in Wimbledon tennis?

... yes. Here is a verse Venus Williams wrote about her sibling, Serena:

Roses are red
Violets are blue
I wish I had
More majors than you
Q: How do you throw a 100 mph fastball?

... get Greg Anderson to be your trainer.

Q: What is Gillette stadium made of?

... close shaves?

Q: Who is the nationwide world's greatest spokesperson in the world?

... this is a very difficult question to answer because just reading it drops your IQ 40 points.

Q: If WaterWorld happens what will happen to the people?

... The new U.S. president would become Michael Phelps, famed star of the 2003 Olympics.

Q: What are the hours in the nfl?

... The NFL is open 9 to 5, Monday thru Friday, and 8-to-noon on Saturdays. For now, it is closed Sundays.

Playing for pay

Tiger Woods' time away from golf has caused him to plummet on the money list. But if he played almost any other sport, his on-course earnings would not have changed.
SANDWICH, England -- For the 116th straight season, it looks as if American golf is going to get through another year without a labor stoppage. Arnold Palmers for everybody.

Not true in the NFL and the NBA -- both are in lockouts now -- but how we don't have one in golf I'll ever know. If anybody should strike, it's golfers. They have the worst deal since the Winklevoss twins met Mark Zuckerberg.

Not one of them has a guaranteed contract. In golf, you're promised zilch. You play good, you eat good. You play bad and you're suddenly working behind your uncle's pharmacy counter.

Per diem? Please. In golf, "per diem" translates as "What my wife gives me in the morning."

Contract year? Every year is your contract year.

Disabled list? Get real. If you break your hand in golf, you'd better have Aflac.

You think if Tiger Woods played in the NBA he'd be limping around these past two years without a biweekly paycheck? Are you smoking oregano? In the NBA, he still would have made his many millions per year and the owner would help him wheelbarrow it to the bank.

Mickelson You think Tom Brady pays his own bill when he checks out of the Miami Four Seasons? Phil Mickelson does.
Look at Greg Oden, the rarely dressed center for the NBA's Portland TrailBlazers. In four seasons, he has played 82 games. That's one season spread over four. If he were a golfer, he'd be in Columbus running a big and tall man's shop. But in the NBA, he has made $19.3 million. Nice work if you can get it.

Golf might look as though it's all cashmere and courtesy cars, but in reality, these guys get squat.

In golf, you pay for your own transportation, your own meals, your own medical, your own lodging. You think Tom Brady pays his own bill when he checks out of the Miami Four Seasons? Phil Mickelson does.

LeBron James can stink up the finals like 80 inches of Limburger cheese and he still gets his cash. In golf, if you come to a major and freeze, all you're going home with is an ulcer.

You wanna see a pro golfer laugh? Tell him that the NBA players are hacked off about possibly having their average salary of $6 million trimmed in this lockout. Do you know how many guys on the PGA Tour made that last year? One: Jim Furyk.

"It's hard to really imagine that kind of world," says Justin Leonard, who will play his 19th British Open here Thursday at Royal St. George's. "Guaranteed contracts, no matter what? The rookie salaries? Wow. I can't get my head around all that. That's my incentive to play! I'm kinda proud we start at zero every week."

The only tiny morsel golfers have negotiated for themselves is that every year on Tour, a set of 125 guys are promised a chance to make a living. This is not to be confused with promised a living. If you can get there, you have a tee time, but only half of you will be cashing a check.

"We do have one thing those guys don't," says Tom Watson, who has won the British Open five times. "We get to choose where we play. NBA players don't."

[+] EnlargeJim Furyk
Michael Cohen/Getty Images
Jim Furyk was the only PGA player to earn more than $6 million on the course in 2010. Because he played well, not because he had any contractual guarantees.
True, and when golfers choose not to play somewhere, they get murdered. Kenny Perry, for instance, got ripped for not playing the British Open for many years. But look at it from his wallet's POV:

Two round-trip business-class tickets, Kentucky to London: $6,000
Caddie for the week: $1,500
Seven nights at the players' hotel: $6,000
Twenty-one meals at that hotel, where the dollar is limper than the cucumber sandwiches : $2,100
Transfers, tips, etc.: $750

Total: $16,350
So, before Perry can break even, he has to beat half the best players in the world in a style of golf he hates.

Good luck!

Golfers have the worst job security this side of Naomi Campbell's assistants. These guys are out there on their own skill and their own guts and their own dime, and they deserve some credit for it. You get the yips or a sore back or an ungrateful putter, we'll see you on the Hooters Tour.

Remember Trevor Immelman? Good-looking kid? Won the 2008 Masters? If he were in the NFL, he'd have signed a five-year deal for $75 million. Instead, he goes out and can't find a fairway with a course map, makes $1.3 million over the next three years, and must be wishing he had gone on to optometry school.

But none of that is what would drive your basic American multimillionaire team-sport union-backed jocks nuts.

What would drive them nuts is the part of golf's unspoken contract that says: You call your own fouls. On yourself. Even if nobody saw it. Can you imagine if guys called fouls on themselves in the NBA?


We are excited about the series

"It's a race with golf thrown into the mix," said Duncombe, of Coconut Creek. "We got to go to places and meet people you wouldn't in your regular life."

Jeremy Friedman is in charge of public relations for the Golf Channel.

"We are excited about the series," Friedman said. "It will stretch from St. Augustine to Key West and many points in between."

Through the show's 10 episodes, skills and temperaments are tested under the pressure of knowing teams will be eliminated as the race progresses. More than $100,000 in cash and prizes is at stake.

Duncombe is paired with Weston's Raul Cendoya as one of five teams navigating golf challenges during the 1,000-mile race. Cendoya and Duncombe are friends with Bonaventure Country Club connections in Weston.

Cendoya is an assistant professional at Bonaventure. Duncombe is a professional golfer who has played the Futures Tour and hopes to make it to the LPGA Tour. Her father, Jim Duncombe, a longtimeteaching pro, introduced her to Cendoya. The duo won a spot in the series through an audition.

Teams are contractually prevented from giving away too many of the show's details, but Duncombe and Cendoya spoke at length about the pressure and meeting Arnold Palmer on the first episode of the show, which already has aired.

"It was one of the greatest experiences of my life," Duncombe said.

"When I took my first swing on the show, I couldn't pull the club back," Cendoya said. "That's how nerve-racking it was. After the second day, you forget the cameras are there. You just didn't want to get eliminated because you didn't want to miss out on the next great place the show was taking you."Cendoya said she also was impressed with his partner's cool demeanor.

"Jameica always looks so cool, calm and collected," Cendoya said. "Even if she's not feeling that way inside. I think we are the only team that didn't bicker."

The show inspired Duncombe to quit her job and concentrate full-time on her golf game.

"I want to see what I can really do in golf," she said. "So, for the near future, it will be my life."

He then withdrew, later saying he was bothered by tooth pain

He then withdrew, later saying he was bothered by tooth pain.

"I have been suffering with a sore wisdom tooth, which is due to come out in the near future," a statement by McIlroy read. "It began bothering me again last night, so I relieved it with Advil. It was very painful again this morning, and I was simply unable to concentrate. It was really bothering me and had begun to affect my playing partners."

According to the Associated Press, though, physical pain wasn't the only factor in McIlroy's decision.

"There's not really much I can say, guys," the AP quoted McIlroy as saying in the parking lot. "I'm not in a good place mentally, you know?"

McIlroy, who shot an even-par 70 in the tournament's opening round, struggled in cold, wet conditions Friday. After starting the day tied with 19 other golfers for 61st place, McIlroy collected a double bogey on No. 11, a bogey on 13 and another bogey on 17.

His worst hole was the par-4 16th, where McIlroy sent two balls into the water before finishing with a triple bogey that sent him plummeting into a tie for 136th place.

Both of his playing partners, former Honda champs Ernie Els and Mark Wilson, said neither noticed McIlroy to be in pain.

"He wasn't playing the way the world No. 1 plays normally," Wilson said. "He was upset with his golf, and I guess he had enough for the week."

Added Els: "That's the last thing he wants to do is walk off. Obviously something was seriously bothering him and he was not going to make the cut, and probably didn't want to continue playing that way."

Friday's withdrawal was McIlroy's third early exit this year. He missed the cut in January's Abu Dhabi Championship, and was eliminated in the first round of last week's World Golf Championships-Accenture Match Play Championship.

Miller is the always-critical analyst for NBC and Golf Channel telecasts

Miller is the always-critical analyst for NBC and Golf Channel telecasts, which include USGA tournaments. I can summarize the essence of his commentary in a sentence:

Either that player just choked or he's going to choke.

People who know little about golf think Miller's caustic criticisms are great and that he tells it like it is. In truth, he is so insecure that he rips players in the hope that they'll falter and make him look smart.

Occasionally, he is right. When he's wrong, he doesn't own up to his mistake. Just like he doesn't admit that during his playing career, when he won 25 PGA Tour events, including two majors, there were plenty of times he failed to come through in the clutch.

Take the 1975 Masters, which Jack Nicklaus won by one shot over Miller and Tom Weiskopf.

Everyone remembers Nicklaus sinking a 40-foot birdie putt on the par-3 16th. Most people forget that Miller missed a 2-foot par putt on No. 11.

He and Weiskopf also missed birdie putts on No. 18 that would have put them in a playoff with Nicklaus, although Miller wasn't so good in sudden-death matchups. He had a 1-5 record. But you'd never know that by the way Miller announces.

Weiskopf, at least, was honest as a commentator. At the 1986 Masters, which Nicklaus won at age 46, Weiskopf uttered one of the greatest lines in broadcasting history.

Nicklaus was on the 16th tee Sunday in the midst of his stirring back-nine charge when Jim Nantz said, "Tom Weiskopf, what is going through Jack's mind right now?"

"If I knew the way he thought," Weiskopf said, "I would've won this tournament, Jim."

Nicklaus is the best golf analyst ever because he understands the game and what it takes to win — he has 73 PGA Tour victories — better than anyone.

Whenever I've listened to Nicklaus on TV, he always calls the shot correctly. He might say that the player wants to hit his approach left of the flag to leave himself a birdie chance or a safe two-putt for par. If that's what the player does, invariably he will make that birdie or that par.

It was comical to listen to Miller and Nicklaus at this year's Honda Classic as Michael Thompson was grinding his way to his first PGA Tour win. On one hole, Miller criticized Thompson for taking too much time to select a club for his approach shot. Nicklaus astutely pointed out that Thompson was simply making sure of where he wanted the ball to go. Sure enough, Thompson hit a good shot and got his par.

Another thing, said Roy

Another thing, said Roy, is that you never know which of the golfers is going to be the story, whereas you know that Peyton Manning is the story when you televise a Denver Broncos game.

And instead of having several cameras focused on 22 football players on one field or 10 basketball players on one court, golf telecasts have dozens of cameras trying to capture the shots of as many as 54 players on 18 holes at the same time.

This week, there are 47 cameras; more than 260 people on the production team; nine tractor trailers, including a graphics truck and a tape and audio truck; 40 generators to power everything; and more than 1.25 million feet of fiber optic cable for all the cameras, audio equipment and announcing booths.

The Golf Channel also has its special Spotlight coverage of holes 15, 16 and 18 during NBC’s telecast Saturday and Sunday. That way, said Golf Channel vice president of live tournament coverage Jack Graham, when NBC goes to commercial, golf fans can switch over to the Golf Channel as well as focus on how players are faring on the Blue Monster’s finishing holes.

With a wall of monitors displaying every camera shot before them, Roy, co-producer Tom Randolph, director Doug Grabert and their crew pull everything together, calling out which golfers and which cameras they want on air, sending people with handheld cameras scurrying to get certain angles of players or golf balls that end up in questionable lies.

The announcers and on-course reporters also are in on the conversation, which is usually fast-paced and intense. Meanwhile, the tape crew records everything and within seconds provides shots requested by Roy.

"We cut 'em, we air 'em," said Frank Anderson, one of six or seven people who each have specific holes that they record. "It's not like any other sport."

After a touchdown or goal, play stops. In golf, while Tiger Woods hitting his approach shot to 3 feet airs live, Phil Mickelson might be holing a 40-foot putt. That's when an announcer will say, "A moment ago on No. 12 …" and Mickelson's putt will appear.


Some Straightforward Tips About How To Move Home

Relocating can be one of the most demanding things you can go through in your lifetime. For first time movers moving house can seem uncomplicated, you pack, you move, you unpack you settle into your new house.

Those of us that have relocated in the past are aware that moving house is usually definately not easy; some may say it’s the most challenging task they've ever had to perform.

Before you do anything at all, you have to initially make space by having a thorough clear out. By serious I mean you have to be left with practically nothing but stuff that you ACTUALLY use; this means throwing away almost all the stuff that’s been gathering dust in the basement and virtually all the things that hasn’t been used in at least a year.You would be surprised the amount of people have garden sheds or basements filled with things which are no longer used.

Immediately after throwing out as much as possible, it is time to sort out the paperwork! Paperwork can literally get almost everywhere; magazine racks full of editions from two years ago, kitchen draws with outdated permission slips and artwork from your kids’ art school trip covered with random nails and useless batteries.

Getting rid of the surplus stuff in your house will definitely give your new house a whole new feel and will give you extra space to use, which if you are downsizing, will help considerably in fitting everything in. Even if you aren’t downsizing, the clearout will help you to have a much better understanding of things you need and will help a lot when it comes to unpacking!

When packing away your stuff, try and not have mixed boxes. One of the advantages of the clearout is that when move, every boxes’ contents should have a place to go.So make sure that while you pack, you label each and every box with the room that it's gonna be in. If you’re using a removal company then usually they will help you to carry the boxes from the van into the new home. It also gives your removal firm help to get every thing out from the van and into your new house more effectively.

Keep in mind that you'll have to eat the evening before you leave and on the very first day you arrive in the new home. Leave a box open with your kettle, a couple of plates, cutlery and anything else you have got to eat inside it. None of us wants to spend time hunting through boxes just to have a mug of coffee or to find a knife and fork!

Also, don’t forget to leave a box for the sheets and toilet items you use the day of the move.Most of the time removal companies will arrive very early so you must be up, showered, dressed, fed and have packed the last of your things before they turn up.

Try to have someone at the new house and at the old house throughout the move; this can aid in ensuring everything is taken from the old house and is put in the right place in the new one. Also, they could free up space for new items to be placed in the rooms, which will help speed up the entire move.

Getting Advertisers for Your Website

Selling advertising space on your website can prove to be a difficult job if you're going to rely on things to work out on their own. You have to work hard at finding possible advertisers that will want to place ads on your website. But, what is done in order to look for premium advertisers? This article will provide some tips for getting more advertisers.

Utilize Your Menu Bar: If your website has a navigation bar, you could place an advertising link there so that it will draw in advertisers to a page that talks about the options for advertising on your site. You need to take every necessary step to get more advertisers. When you utilize your menu bar like this, you will bring attention to your advertising page as well as let advertisers know that you are accepting advertisement offers. Your website is the first place where you should start the promotion of your advertising offer. This is so that you can benefit from the traffic that you already have.

Reply to All Review/Press Releases Requests: If your website reaches a high level of popularity, you'll start getting press releases/review requests through your contact form. You should see this as an opportunity to reel in new advertisers for your website. Instead of hitting the delete button and sending these off to the trash bin, reply to all the requests that you get. Let them know that you actually found their product to be interesting and you think that their company would benefit by advertising on your site. Make sure that your proposal is understood. Explain that your two target markets are one and the same and that it would be advantageous for their business to form a partnership with you. When you have finished explaining all of the benefits, then proceed with details about advertising on your website. Determine if and how they like your offer.

Utilize Facebook Ads: Facebook happens to be the largest social network around, with more than 500 million members across the globe. Facebook, like Google, also has an ad program that provides the opportunity to promote goods and services and pay per click. A lot of companies are choosing to promote on Facebook. The means that you could obtain plenty of ads with this social network. The ads appear in the sidebar. But, you'll have to search around the site a bit to find targeted ads from companies that are worth getting in touch with. Jot down a list of the ads that appeal to you. Talk to each company and make them an offer to advertise on your site. Let them know the details and wait for response.

Premium advertisers are all around you. You just need to have the right strategy to find them. You will see that most of the work goes into the initial contact when you are looking for advertisers on a consistent basis. Later on things get easier as you leverage your relationship with your existing advertisers.

We know huge numbers of web businesses have integrated this into their business, but what are your thoughts about it? One thing is certain, though, and that is perhaps 99% of any kind of online venture can stand to have more promotional methods put to work. What we think happens, though, is most web business owners get too comfortable with things when they begin making serious money and stop trying new things. But so it goes, and it is a form of survival of the fittest in business and in life. Probably due to hype copywriting, but so many people fall for the lure to use any kind of approach like internet marketing, for example, and they want it to run on its own, etc. Look at SEO, search engine optimization, and with that you can never truly stop working on it because if you do then other will be gaining on you.

initial public offerings 2012

This is a general review of the advance of various pscychological warfare techniques throughout history. Not intended to be all inclusive, it touches on some prominent points of divergence setting psychological warfare strategies and tactics apart as a military discipline of its own from the time of Cyrus’s Persia to contemporay Asymmetrical Warfare.

History of Psychological Warfare
by James Scott
All war has the simple objective of making the enemy bend to one’s own will. All losses inflicted upon the enemy, all injuries imposed, and all ammunition expended serve the purpose of changing the enemy’s mind. When leaders can change an enemy’s mind without firing a round, they secure victory while preserving lives and resources on both sides.
Psychological warfare has been practiced to this end since the earliest accounts of conflict. The Biblical account of Gideon presents an ancient example of psychological warfare applied as a force multiplier without regard for the enemy’s lives, but without an overt bloodthirstiness. Gideon tested his volunteers psychologically for willingness to fight, releasing everyone who truly wanted to be elsewhere. He tested them for psychologically for aptitude, not wanting any soldiers who lacked the intuition and discipline to lift water to their mouths with one hand, while keeping the other hand free for a weapon. Then, with a force reduced to a few hundred he led a surprise night attack, and routed an army with a few hundred men.
At the other end of the spectrum stand leaders like the more modern Shaka, who inflicted terror not just on his enemies, but even upon his own Zulu warriors. Part of his psychological influence came from technological innovation — the Zulu spear — and pushing the boundaries of what contemporaries considered the limits of war. As with any conquerors among the world’s great historic civilizations, Shaka’s reputation preceded him, until he exceeded that reputation himself. Ironically, when centuries later South Africa faced the challenge of uniting dozens of tribal cultures with Eurpean descendants, while encouraging racial equality, its state run television found yet another psychological purpose for Shaka. The production “Shaka Zulu” used South Africa’s still fledgling television industry to provide a sense of shared heritage for South Africans of any cultural heritage.
The two approaches, one of winning over hearts and minds, one of forcing masses into terrified submission, have had varying degrees of success. History shows that in most cases the former approach produces the most beneficial and longest term results, but the short term results of the latter are often needed for stability first. History ultimately remembers leaders who rely on terror not just for initial victory, but for maintaining influence, as despots and tyrants. The same psychological tactics that once earned leaders reputations for strength now eventually follow them to The Hague. Such methods have become relegated to the realm of terrorism in asymmetric warfare. The Idi Amins and Moamar Khaddafis of history find themselves locked out of the community of nations as impolite company. The psychology of strict terror remains merely as a tool of desperation.

Samsung Galaxy Observe II: A Tablet or a Phone?

Thank you for applying for our wide open situation, we are intrigued in speaking about the situation with you. I would like to set up a time for a quick mobile phone call so we can discuss more. Can you please give me some available instances about the subsequent couple days? We would need to have about 20-thirty minutes. Thanks!


Recruiter Who Controls Your Destiny

Promptly, you really feel a very little sad. Why do we feel this way? Simply because, we loathe telephone screens! We want to speak to a actual, stay person. It also tells you that you could be 1 of numerous making use of for this career and who is familiar with how numerous telephone screens they have scheduled. Phone screens are the favorite weapon of a recruiter since in a small 20-30 minutes, they assume they can ascertain the next:

1. The precision of your resume- Do you have the practical experience you say you do
2. Figure out if you can you have on a dialogue
3. Remedy basic issues

Telephone screens are below to keep and are typically taken for granted. Recruiters use these as a tool mainly because they can do numerous phone screens in a working day, without a significant disruption to their day. In-person interviews involve a ton of coordination in between people's schedules and the interviews are generally a whole lot lengthier. Also, you restrict bringing in an unqualified prospect and wasting people's time, which could be avoided by conducting a simple phone monitor. No recruiter desires to set up a undesirable in-individual job interview due to the fact it displays improperly on them.

People assume these interviews are a straightforward formality, but in fact men and women are taking by themselves out of the working by obtaining bad cellphone interviews.

Below are some recommendations for a profitable telephone interview:

1. Solution their concerns - Sounds uncomplicated, but too a lot of times people today speak About the query and do not directly response them. Telephone screens are about observing if you and your qualifications are a suit. They are asking these distinct queries for a cause.

two. Do not do mobile phone screens from a vehicle - This drives recruiters insane because it implies that you are not using the job interview seriously or you do not want to block off time to concentrate on the job interview. Either way this does not reflect well on you. Block out the time and go someplace personal exactly where you can concentrate.

three. Develop a rapport - Recruiters are wanting for that little glimmer of link. Exhibit some temperament, tell a joke (non-offensive), or ask about their track record. You have a smaller window of time, but test to build a connection.

4. Make confident to ask at minimum one particular or two questions about the company and/or the career. Do not flood them with queries, protect people for the in-particular person job interview.

Cellphone screens are right here to remain, so you will need to begin getting ready for them like you would for a experience-to-confront job interview.

Convergence of gizmos is a thing that is an ongoing process in the know-how industry. Adhering to the similar pattern Samsung has arrived out with Galaxy Observe II that is more like a Cellphone + Tablet.


The Significance Of Choosing Grasp Local Plumbers For Renovations

Understanding what your current genuine challenge with the water line might help in deciding on the right local plumber, with there being two kinds of plumbing engineers. The one that fix as well as develop new ones, since finding a contractor which specialize in repairs can decrease the expense. All things considered, they're not going to advise a complete renovate or perhaps restoration of your current tube yet would certainly correct no matter what the damage.

Second view or perhaps 3 rd kinds can show you the real difficulty and that means you won't seem like a twit, when you finally made the decision to hire an attorney.

Ensure that the men and women a person retain the services of carries a licence to carry out the career, it may possibly also shield a person in scenario something proceeded to go wrong along with the career. In nearly all country, the plumber offers to enroll in programs to achieve a particular common of proficiency in purchase to acquire the permit. As such, it is deemed an important aspect.

It is not hard to take for of course the clear normal water whenever you switch on the sink. That you do not ponder on the spend that will vanishes if you get rid of the electrical contractor new orleans toilet. However, these kind of everyday habits are a serious concern whenever clean water won't turn out or even waste rushes to the best of the potty. They're the instances once you take into consideration hiring a plumber along with speculate who can be trustworthy.

Simply a experienced, accredited, specialist in plumbing companies could get the job done correct. There are numerous of causes to contemplate precisely why getting a specialist is in welfare of your domestic plumbing.

They're at the Top of Their own Profession

These types of professionals have an understanding of different domestic plumbing troubles. Normally, plumbing systems tend to be an integral part of your property. An experienced knows it and can approach each installment or repair service along with committed precision. You would like someone who is aware of the design of your current water system to assure the lead to of the problem is singled out and fixed. A beginner could make issues worse simply by repairing the drastically wrong component as well as putting in any malfunctioning system.

Grasp Plumbing engineers Get Top-Notch Education

Master plumbing specialists have got gained this kind of unique subject since of instruction and also certification specifications. Employing a licensed, insured as well as insured plumbing professional is really a be certain that they could manage any style of plumbing job. This specific expense is another be certain that plumbing related experts need to construct their own popularity on satisfying customers.

Learn Water system Professionals Have got the Right Equipment and Understand how to Utilize them

Instruction is something; getting the suitable equipment and tools to conduct domestic plumbing work opportunities properly is the one other. Plumbing resources usually are not low cost and the professionals recognize that trading in the appropriate tools is surely an expenditure in getting the task finished right.

They will not merely have got the proper equipment, they also understand that making use of the correct solutions can make the work less complicated.