Mistress preserving a diary of aeration sex scandals from the follow-up: is becoming suspended

October 20,, a set named "the guangzhou some the director and his mistress greater than face, sex scandal, the mistress protection by explicit unbearable" article word in Japan, hua sheng BBS with the net good friend powerful concern. The bonusgiven state getting someplace mistress, guangzhou prolonged as a final result of the simple fact of two people accidental being pregnant feelings, so will and cracks in between emotion imbroglio of sex scandals and his protection from the form, this short article describes explicit sex, too. 
The gatherings YaoBinHua accept guangdong mass media selection interviews and responded how the article composed content fabrication, he has obtained to guangzhou the safety authorities to neighborhood safety bureau, will the bonusgiven obligation for. 
Soon after, weblog "ZhangHongFeng (the Po)" germination, sex scandals at announce male principal part YaoBinHua have been suspended. 
This morning, reporters phone call guangzhou discipline, 14 employees responded how the self-control earlier intervention mistress diary doorway investigation, currently have handed greater compared to results belonging for the questionnaire to associated departments. Other pertinent information, plus they say and associated departments published. 
Then, the reporter phone call guangzhou municipal federal government XinXiChu news, a personnel say yao not pressed, director from the institution actions of said. The reporter ask why this a few common daily see yao, the director to work, to response the phone can't response by begs the reporters' questions. from the afternoon, the reporter pursuing phone call the federal government information XinXiChu, a female officials say right here is guangzhou federal government report with out yao, director, and hang up twice. Again, the reporter went pursuing personnel 45-day says yao is not in place, do not respond to individual problems. 

A person compare to "diamond" bomb to kill his mistress best after half an twelve weeks killing the innocent

November 18, among now LanTong guide was xing rthk-mei Ping ⑸ exploded flats our reporter GuoJianZheng perturbation 

Suspect in SongMou a demo factors on how to create an explosive system ㄑ oracle to put into play drawbacks used 
November 18, at about 8 a.m., the provincial budget of embellish century city in a really flat all of a sudden burst into flames, an more mature person die a tragic passing away within your room. Jinan LiXia law enforcement in the city law enforcement detachment and associated departments in the direction of circumstance using the investigation, last but not very least take place throughout out the reality of the startled. The explosion in the suspects within your SongMou a unexpectedly homicides in 6 weeks ago and explosive products within your room, on top of that to the intention was DuoNian with PinJu woman, last but not very least is PinJu woman wiped out using the mother. 
A flat on fire, explosion wiped out the more mature person homes 
November 18, at about 8 a.m., the provincial budget of embellish century city in a really flat fire broke out. in accordance with talk earlier to the fire, near to the instant experienced a loud noise, like a thing like explosion. pursuing receiving alarm, jinan LiXia online community safety bureau immediately start the emergency response plan, organize the fire division satisfy out the fire, pursuing the prosperous criminal division immediately inside the website exploration. 
After the preliminary visit, criminal division determined the lifeless using the residing within your home of the daughter enemies (female, 69 many years more mature (Qingdao), districts. this really is undoubtedly not law enforcement evaluation a standard fire, but a criminal case. 
In the circumstance of jinan city online community safety bureau, major celebration member, inspectors long-range shaoxing spring arrived in the direction of place to command detected, Interpol set even and ZhiDuiChang and LiXia he JiaYanZhao director branch, deputy director of MiaoLiJun, straight inside the case, scheduling investigation. Interpol set and LiXia business law enforcement brigade set of the good offer greater than 30 investigators, produced up in the team. 
The fire was doubtful points, law enforcement invested on 
In purchase to spend less space fire fighters arrived, the fire DuoZhong actions taken. in spite of the actuality that satisfy out the fire, however the scene was also destroyed. set in the direction of scene in the law enforcement DuoCi detailed exploration, and slowly found out some essential clues. 
Then, within your peripheral set started out to hold out investigation. by means of the investigation, the law enforcement found out the lifeless is old, and also to jinan reside only half a year, and no other people have major conflict of interests, can eradicate is straight infringes goal. So, inside the law enforcement investigation near to relatives contradictory factors, especially to grate the harder youthful daughter Lin so-and-so (female, 42, Qingdao people, is frequently a wedding ceremony photography store for jinan common manager) peer competition, personnel conflicts, and financial components just such as the dispute screening. 
Telephone cause men, "diamond cheese" in to the breach 
According to Lin so-and-so provide, with its existence of law enforcement set loved kinds conflicts sister, brother-in-law and current labor dispute personnel started out a investigation. 
But the law enforcement investigation, the researchers ruled out a crime may nicely be one. 
A, Lin so-and-so to jinan yao law enforcement station have been surveyed, and home what do not provide useful clues. And in his left law enforcement station inside the telephone, a set of observers to follow. He observed Lin so-and-so on cellular phone stated a words: "you in my home of precisely what things?" 
Later, law enforcement seized the chance and hold on to recognize the situation. Lin so-and-so Lin informed police, this yr (in May, she SongMou their near friends a custody a good friend cheng fang diamond "cheese broken", as a finish off result of the actuality there may be no available precious, and home pursuing a SongMou modifications happened, and near friends also experienced not been asked. 
Observers quickly realized there should be considered a catch in it, then SongMou as well as a cellular phone call. in a really cellular phone telephone call in the direction of SongMou, a tight pressed clarify a good offer more show absurdity, not the deliberate, entrusted to spend less a massive selection of a massive amount of bucks worth of diamonds good friend experienced not accurately provide name, the particular identity and make contact with way. 
19 evening night, the law enforcement SongMou summoned to some review. The beginning, SongMou hedged a, nevertheless need to deny. But, investigators have by means of the questionnaire found, Lin so-and-so and SongMou a two males and ladies essentially is not what friend, but because 2005 may be retain relationship. 
For unsecured debt contradiction, moved not cautious 
Originally, this really is frequently a SongMou in dongying, earlier run a studio in dongying; this really is Lin so-and-so Qingdao, 1999 to SongMou just one available studio work. Later, Lin so-and-so arrived to jinan opened a studio, SongMou just one then also in jinan opened a studio. The romantic relationship among two males and ladies PinJu because 2005. within your process, SongMou a DuoCi and Lin so-and-so has financial exchanges. 
The SongMou found out that the good friend has stated its custody of diamond by merchandise just getting a mare's nest. At identical time, investigators nevertheless in SongMou a home and car trunk in dongying detect the gunpowder ingredients. In 
21 evening night, law enforcement investigation "travels" method to enhance its endeavours to review. SongMou a last assertion was the actuality that he experienced a crime of jinan and Shanghai studio at a half in the studio reveal to so-and-so, Lin of Qingdao also promised a homes to live, the mom in the so-and-so Lin Lin so-and-so will but for just about any decrease price; In 2009, SongMou assets, income consists of a loose enough, and and partner divorced, but Lin so-and-so has not agreed to marry him. 
By the finish off of 2009, SongMou some start in dongying breeding sea cucumber, but pursuing operation. Then, a SongMou Lin on top of that to the romantic relationship among the ginger, a good offer more as well as a good offer more so-and-so contradiction to upgrade. At identical time, SongMou a DuoCi so-and-so back again to its unsecured debt in the direction of forest, but Lin so-and-so was denied, plus they frequently quarrels. SongMou by adore to hate, born a proceed the pitfalls, produced will hold away. The notion of someone. 
In may nicely this year, SongMou just one in dongying home, will commit 5 LeiZi gunpowder set up within your unfilled pursuing took out the internal in the insecticidal spray, produced the bomb, map, the tape, and founded the package deal explosive device, as lengthy as open, would detonate. Later, he could be the "cheese" in the direction of forest so-and-so. SongMou a false says that is frequently a good friend of smuggling diamonds, wishes to create utilization of using the psychological, income (to available within your home, Lin so-and-so to accomplish the target of explosion kill. 
But, Lin so-and-so and no will the "cheese" open, time grows, and Lin reside with so-and-so mom enmity so-and-so to also know home to possess this sort of the "cheese". November 18, within your morning, went in the direction of other place, Lin so-and-so revenge so-and-so will open, explosion cheese. 


Only keep rose

The summer with the fragrance of flowers and plants, steps and lightsome walked into the multifarious space, without a sorrow, with fire the general hug, stroked...... In a hurry, mood and loss, mixed with laughter and tears; Deduce into a bit of memory. One day, I saw you far, far away are looking at you of figure. That a silent one thousand thoughts, in my heart is lifted, your face to see clearly the only has the cobwebs in the early in the sky echoes. Remember the past, you and I in the dusk of the evening the sweeping walk alone, in the summer of manic pursuit of back under the sky belongs to our dreams. I know, it had become a kind of deep and eternal memory, you I have for a long time is a separate matter; But the past rose still CanRan to drip. Keep the rose of youth and I still like again, but lonely I want to know what your news, want to know this along the way, your body after whether still tall and straight, the gritty look is still remain as, also want to know whether you have the gentleness of the harbour, whether to have ten million people reciting happy homeland. Such thoughts in the heart, but could not) in life, the title page of the clear highlights, don't know in the title page dreams and reality were so large distance. Walk into the city of dreams, but so were lost and I don't know every lonely days, if you and I can as time and again remind of the former days the little things, actually; The so-called "between us past" too little. Less to I can't for a lifetime to pursue. At that time, I always thought that the longer, choose to do some may be people do not over of his life. And now, when I sat quietly down, loneliness is my only option, a fiery heart already filled with the time's dust down, it was for you and the sound of the joy of beating, now, never played the music of a long, all enthusiasm had closed in the mind, and want to hold the hand of emotional changeful past, but couldn't find the reason. Most of the time I want to, if there is no work to visit; If you do not have the affectionate eyes aggressive watch; If you don't have a gentle kiss; If not the romantic candlelight and red wine; If, I am not a sentimental woman; If you are not a game wandering life; So, the world will be as much a beautiful sunset, lack of a lonely sadness. To lose you, precocious finality (actually had never have), along the way, alone in the memory of the road, I know, the wandering feelings can be silent bear, no words can describe it.
In the heart of the past column, rose only I was holding rose in judah, repeatedly. Sigh In time, the flow in the turmoil of the multifarious, took young pure feeling, it has left with a constant doubts and vicissitudes of life. Delightful melody rang for who? Perhaps it was reciting the wind or rain, maybe he just has no language moaning, maybe not for anything else, just want to ease that belongs to his wounds, forget the love looking to forget. Forget to uncover dusty memory...

Your good let me have had to rely on you

I haven't write down his present situations or mood, not don't want to write, but think don't really have time to quiet down good writing, many things were gathering in together, sometimes it can be called a busy life burn.
Every day to repeat the still all simple life, sometimes because some small and affected normal mood. But every time as long as I'm with you, can let I forget who is not worth, but I care about and I have influence of trivia. His occasionally in the heart of a certain happiness over details.
Last week's holiday let our relationship is very rapid development, maybe it was a change in environment, we can each other better more clear, straightforward express themselves real thoughts. Whether the car, or go shopping, the hand is always you pulled tightly, myself as a first love as the little girl happy, sweet. Thought you is a not suitable for my age, but every day with you in together around the day, just let me find you also seek romantic, exquisite also and emotional appeal. Most of the time you do things is always thinking of very considerate, many small details reflect your careful, sometimes, I even think before you I look so careless.
I'm not good at things always have you finished in, I would get by habit, although be in say the next must have progress, but really can practice seems very little. You containing my all, whether character or life beginning ability. You will seriously remember I casual in say everything, always in many time to move me. You said you used to the life has me that fear one day I disappear...... I surface pretends to like it, but turned around is very worried about losing you and lost their dependence.
I have never face to face serious admit your own good, but everything I am firmly in mind. Habit is a terrible thing. I have been in too deep, I would have been used to all you for me to do something, I'm used to the day when hidden in your hand Yin clothes to keep warm, every day I wait for you to my big hug, I was watching what he can you use before bedtime way and I said "good night!" You let me take care of considerate to really think independence is difficult. Thank you to all my good, I will cherish!!!!!


This life is doomed met three people

Zhang ailing elder said in a very incisive word: every man's heart has two roses red roses, a white rose.
I think with a man: he should have three women.
One is white lotus flower, it is the boy's first love, pure like jade, beautiful dream. Can only far view and not how Xie play. For many men, that it's all a in the youth of the green dream again and again the swaying unreachable white lotus.
A is the red rose. That is the man's madly in love.
Fiery and enthusiastic, stirring like electricity. Not only can close in your arms, also can enjoy a kiss. Boy through the red rose, the washing into a man. The red rose to the mature man, is the wine of fondle admiringly.
A is the carnation. That is the man's wife.
Sweet quietly elegant, warmth affectionately. She is a man of power struggle, is a man of heart on, is a man of the return of Hong Kong bent. She is the man's second mother. Men are all children in nature. And the carnation would always forgive his naughty and waited patiently for him to play tired when back home.
So, the growth of a man, he will be like a white lotus, he would love a red, red rose. But he will choose a carnation to spend our life.
White lotus is not suit to live together, because she is so transcendent, otherworldly. The red rose up the man to conquer and male hormone secretion, but with a real to fire red rose, many men and no life this confidence. Because he will worry either get burned, or spreading to fish pond. And a lot of men need is a and good-tempered carnation wife.
But, if you're a lucky man, you have the chance to meet you in the dream, then let her white into a red rose, and finally to evolve into a carnation.

The man eat which

The beautiful women are usually very proud, this prides itself on the more beautiful appearance under the more get bloom. There is no doubt that, when youth in the gentle and graceful body beautiful, who all can not resist, not those of male hormones abounding men. But this woman although beautiful, get along with it is often not stumble. The beautiful girl often have unmatched princess temper, let men in addition to bow down or concession, and concessions. As time passes, the diligent man again there will also be tired of the emotions which, and once because tired and can't summon up the enthusiasm of the fall, will therefore trigger deeper minefield, let a person plaint "with tiger" as beautiful as the companion.
Of course, the princess is never worry about you will have any openings, diligent fans can from the bund has been top of the xujiahui, isn't it? Unfortunately, no more attentive also is but repeat the cycle just, seldom has a Ken humiliation of good man sacrifice, but it is seen as not enough and rapid demoted tone into substitute.
Variable usually in the several cycles, make the woman put down after the age of princess, began to know to cherish the aura of meaning. The more began to understand, the woman is the most powerful weapon is not beautiful, also not the tears, but gentle. Beautiful to attract each other, only just used to keep good man gentle. If he knew the weapons used gentle, is the difference between women and girls in diameter axis. The proud into act with dignity, with more patience and gentleness firmly in the suction side, men than the youth beautiful beautiful that more has power. "Old woman" can have the same easiness romance and men chase, but to the opposite sex, and in all aspects are already ripe time with ripe female apparently more relaxed, and more enjoyable. Men don't have to consider, please, "the old woman everywhere" natural know how to distinguish truth or have the purpose of hypocrisy, pursuit of material. A good grasp of the discretion of a man is "old woman" were nearly skilled skills, she knows how to be petulant when do not let man embarrassed, also know that in the other party mood bad active acting role, the more will be in the harbor HuiHan man struggling with a text message to warm meaning, such as the girl may disdain for the tender feeling, but there's no doubt that is more damaging to the opposite sex.
Interesting is that almost every man experienced such process: chasing the right girl, when really make a choice, but it is often not at the beginning of the end of the fever. Love and marriage and not matter, the girl is very beautiful, but no "old woman" that intimate with, get along with smooth. The end of the sensibility is rational, perhaps this is why the man like "mature woman" reasons.


People, should something to do

"Indifferent to brave, tranquil and ZhiYuan." Various ge bright this famous saying along with his loyalty is eternal, however this told people to? I said "for" refers to is for today's mainstream.
In the long thought "indifferent to brave, tranquil and said" this sentence after, I think life must be indifferent to fame and wealth, to seek peace, or to magnificent and victorious, make a difference. The Times is one of the two themes of the development, the development is the hard truth!!!!! "From" and "fame" can promote the development of The Times? Just don't theory is indifferent to require us indifferent to fame and wealth, quiet is requirements we truly. But as you choose one you are familiar with the successful people from it: Forbes to hu run DE list, there will never be a people indifferent to fame and wealth, truly. Not that criticism, if it weren't for fame LiLu propel them, so how could they from a nobody to glory? Had I to say, common in the work, I always like to stand in a unknown sit in on their talk, in the process, often can have some comments. This is common cannot learn, but his view is correct or not seem minor.
You envy indifferent to fame and wealth? Go to GongGeng at rural, see how many are willing to do. You said you like, but why and truly the people around contradictions (including your inner contradictions). Want to find peace, to see see dynasty! The end of the qing dynasty, when darkness, WanMaJiYin, isn't it "peace", but it also brings to the world? The approach of the storm will make the environment is very quiet. You can also go to enjoy ah, afraid you will be sorry oh.
Take Mr Zhuge liang, for instance, if he from beginning to end, are scrupulously abide by "brave, tranquil and indifferent to seek" this doctrine, so eight arrays by who to complete the chart? Full of omitting interchanges between where display? TuoGu lustre by who to stage? Before and after the loyalty of a start will embody in where? Six qi mountain and the achievement of who will draw godot? So he needs something to do. Write here, not I again remind of another big character: he, the emperor, from a court west-han longer than women of his hand, at the palace of fighting forces, the WangYiYue jiaodong into after crown prince. His bold innovation to extend the emperor before the huanglao way, and the claims of the Confucian to management. Since then, WeiQing ten thousand fighters far, equivalent to the plane hit high juvenile Iraq to the more than five thousand ride ', huo qu bing's English court, forcing the huns take all the Kings of the great khan Iraq an escape desert sands summed, he overtake enhanced desert till the realization of the han ethnic big fusion, whom also started the world-famous silk road, and han also became a national eternal name, and then laid the middle kingdom, China's position. However, this all comes from three words "something to do."
Yes, indifferent to fame and wealth will not help to the development of the world, it won't make you truly the degree, work, how many more status. Of course, everything can't say never. Hegel's old man not said: "existence is reasonable." So, I say not let everyone go to chase interest, but let everybody with young people to debate, 6 flesh to grow, to fight. Also said: "people, should something to do."

Epitaph dream

Luxury villas, live to eat delicacies, who will say I plain secular; Successful, and guide jiangshan, who dare to laugh at my young frivolous.
This is all I ever dream, I put them in my heart, it lets stick I have struggled for success direction, having never give up strong. Have a dream, I got close to his mistakes or mouth, lost because of failure and sad tears of nerve.
Once upon a time, I was persistent my pursuit, persist in my dream, I want to have one day to dream come true, the right man. At that time, I'm working enthusiasm never attenuation, feet and unstoppable. Dream is just like a lamp, make my way forward, no, it's not just to light up the road, is my life; Dream is a piece of charms, no, it's not my body protection, but my soul, with it, my heart will not be too empty, my life is not too lonely.
Time is like a fleeting show, as if just at the moment, I have 22 years old, youth, but still in stare, youth but stop is a not life, have no intense emotion body, because, I have the dream as the cumbersome baggage left on the single life train.
Heaven and earth became the dream, as time passes by, the graves years reincarnation, until now, and I regret it. The man without a dream is a walking corpse, with all day do is eat and sleep, pigs even dream of ChangBiao, but I was what all don't want to, also don't want to think.
I think I free to live in this world, all of the material to enjoy brought about by the basic meet, but, like the freedom is my body, and my soul is QuanJu into a ball, can not find the dark caves of exports. I'm free, fluttering, aimless looking for and I am boring ignorant people, seek a little self in the sense of comfort and a bit less in conscience condemn and blame.
The light has gone out, dream of my future a dark, everywhere are the thorns and bumpy, I'm afraid, I feel lonely and helpless, the unprecedented I want to restore the dream, but life will not come back, I DuoNian squandered the youth, now just remove repentance, regret that stupid and ridiculous, but fortunately, I am still young, I still alive. A life without going back, no backing up files, I can only to look for a dream, be on our way, even if the dream will never achieve, I would still take it in my side, not abandoning, also don't give up.
A grain of sand have a dream, it would get into the oyster's mouth, slowly become a shining pearl; A river have a dream, it will be an everlasting, pentium, blending into the vast ocean. The eagle have a dream, it fly, across the sky in combat; Apes have a dream, it experienced the rejections, upright, evolution adults.
Perhaps, the monkey has a dream, it can become a Monkey King;
Perhaps, chicken have a dream, it one day will become the phoenix.
My dream?
I have a dream?


To eat a meal is parents'

Weekend he please three people eat. Two are his boss, one is he met DuoNian friends. Noon he called their contact with everyone said, "no problem." So he ordered box in the hotel, and half an hour ahead of time. The waiter asked him: "serving now?" He said: "." The waiter asked him: "standard?" He said: "of course is 680 dollars."
The hotel's hot pot set points of 180 yuan, 380 yuan and 680 yuan 3 class. When he is not to treat yourself the lose face.
He gave one boss, asked him to call go where. Boss sorry to say: "unfortunately, just a very important client has asked me to a trip to a significant matter, so, I'm afraid I can't come......" He said: "it doesn't matter, you busy you." He shout waiter, said: "the package for $380... a friend can't come, 680 dollars for fear of."
In fact waste for him is not big. Only he pay the original intent of the appeal to the boss is something. Now that the boss not to come, so, he wants to, is ordinary food, and three people 380 bucks, class does not calculate low.
Then he answered the phone, is another call from the boss. They usually call brother, talk to each other is very easy. The boss said, "unfortunately, the home suddenly something happened, have to stay in processing, can't come out... well, tomorrow or next weekend, I ask you to make amends."
Hung up the phone, he again called the waiter, embarrassed to ask: "can now be possible to change the standard of 180 dollars?" The waiter trained ground to say: "no problem."
Food is on, have never thought, then call from a friend and his sad very phone. Friends said the body not feeling well, want to go to the hospital treated now with intravenous fluids, and then go home to lie down for a while.
A friend is can't go back again, this time is impossible. Food But a full desks he how a person eat? Packing? He even a hot meal in the dormitory of the stove to all have no.
His phone rang again.
This is he of his father's voice.
The father asked: "today you home? If not too busy, back to see, you had more than a month....... You didn't come home now?"
He said: "in the hotel... oh, right, you and mom had dinner yet?" Father said: "not yet." He said: "that come and eat together!" He felt his father over there for a long time, and then ask leng him: "you just say you for dinner?" He said: "yeah. Yeah. It's my treat. I ask you and mom to eat."
Put down the phone, he thought of a own are not willing to admit that fact: he please countless people ate countless meal, but no please father and mother to eat a meal.
He's far from your home, after work unit has been in the outside rent to live. At ordinary times is sure not go home to have a meal of, can the weekend he rarely go home. Every weekend father all make a phone call to come, but he always have no time to go back. He had to use weekend time learning Korean enterprise management, learning, learning computer and international trade, playing all sorts of phone calls, please others eat or being please to have a meal......
Father and mother come soon. From the time he want to judge, they must be take a taxi. They no doubt son why suddenly please them out for dinner, two men face dole blossomed, and 1 vigorously kua this hotel has a class, food. Three at home for the first time outside of eating a meal together, the hotel scale the lowest meal. The dinner he worship the father and mother were a glass of wine and the wine will be a gulp of time, he has a kind of want to cry impulse.
That day he went home, lived a night...
Just to work on Monday, a living with their parents a village colleagues told him: "yesterday you parents in the community, say you please blatant everywhere in the hotel had a good meal, back to their high toast? You really filial piety......"
A word makes him reluctant.

Close friends such as tea

A cup of light water,
Put a piece of tea in after
Suddenly gives birth to a few silk green meaning to,
And the dry leaves,
In a very short time stretch across.
At this time,
I seem to hear tea at that moment and said quietly:
Ups and downs...... with the king I read about this wonderful feeling: the tea
Tea, the tooth cheek notes, entrance
A throat, a murmuring unrecoginized heart,
A memorable.
By tea feeling,
Reminds me of the friendship between friends.
Friendship, like make tea,
Do not necessarily have the one hundred years of longjing tea, before,
But, must have enough goodwill.
Good friends are like waiting for tea.
A simple expression endless worry about the atmosphere for a personal tea is quiet,
Two personal friend, a group of person of the noise.
For me, the friends such as tea,
Or, or an indifferent to the product griselda,
Have the same friends, tea as friends, the tea
By chance, to think of casual between a few words of regards,
Also like pot, a cup of fragrant teas, house full not like drinking tea as a sweet savour, a cup of entrance,
Passion, you drink, the more lively up.
Tea is more drink, the more quiet, let the person mind precipitation
Life is like water, such as tea, friendship
No tea water is still water,
No water tea is don't know what is.......
Friendship, drink, the product is kunfu tea tea is!!!!!
Friends are like fragrant teas, let a person precipitation, make the person is strong,
A friend is a life of permanent wealth, sincere not profane.
A moderate amount of tea for their water, met
Tea and suitable for their own people, to meet
This tea, water, people karma and be able to meet,
To make a life without regret
Drinking tea to give a person a kind of feeling
Is such a kind of light faint aftertaste,
As the years of mind slowly emerge.
And gently dies,
Left to their own just a kind of feeling.
Cherish all,
Including friendship, love and affection
Friends are not just met on the road in a hurry traveler,
He is a friend of the voyage of life.
Close friends such as tea,
I like tea and ordinary, easy-going
't bear repeating and not charming with her, and
Into the sagging huts cottage and no abased,
Make no longer lonely life journey.